A Million Hearts Illumined

Our 10 Year Vision for the Human Sun HEART Work

Something new is emerging now in our work. It’s exciting!

It took all the years of our own early life-journeys and three-plus decades of awakened, groundbreaking work for us to become prepared for what’s now underway.

In collaboration with many others, we were constantly looking to “democratize” embodied, mutual awakening. And we succeeded in doing just that, with remarkable results. Upwards of a thousand people have come to enjoy that kind of “un-lose-able” awakeness. And many thousands of others have benefited in ways we’ve described on our Offerings page.

Those earlier experiments also included failure and humbling exposure to our own shortcomings and shadow patterns.

We might wish we had never hurt, neglected, or disappointed anyone, and we certainly have our regrets. But we’re also aware that everything that’s taken place, the laudable and the regrettable, has all helped make this next emergence possible.

Our 3 Main Goals

Our mission’s North Star is and always has been a passionate calling to “serve the HEART-Awakening of humanity.” We welcome your input, participation, collaboration, and unique contributions.

Our 10 Year Vision (2022-2032) has three main goals:


A Million Hearts Illumined 

Their loads lightened, their lives brightened,
their pain eased, their resilience strengthened

A Thousand Hearts Awakened

Consciously embodying the one great HEART  of reality
that we all share equally in its totality

A Hundred Hearts in Service

As stably awakened, highly skilled and
dedicated HEART-Activators

Our 3 Major Projects

For Achieving These 10 Year Goals

1. Creating and vigorously promoting one evergreen recorded course and two flagship, multimedia publications through Human Sun Media

A favorite among those who’ve taken our online offerings, this 8-session course is titled, Maximizing Joy: In Your Life, Work, Relationships — and World. Along with a presentation by the two of us, each session features

  • a bonus interview with a prominent thought leader or spiritual teacher
  • and the recording of a lively, clarifying Q&A session with some of the original live course participants.

The guest interviewees include Integral pioneer Ken Wilber, neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D., acclaimed translator of mystical classics and women’s spirituality leader Mirabai Starr, Lakota Sioux Grandmother and Peace Ambassador Ejna Fleury, and others.

We also offer a single, sample session mini-course for those who’d like to get a taste before committing to the full “Maximizing Joy” course.

The first book will be Becoming a Human Sun: A Call to Help the Light in Every Body Shine — 3 Proven Keys to the Radiant HEART That Brightens Your Life and Unlocks Your Catalytic Self-Empowerment and Contribution.

This multimedia book will be an inspirational introduction to the foundations of this well-established and ever-evolving work.

The second book will be The Sun in Your HEART Is Rising: A Morphogenetic Double Helix for Our Emergent Age of the HEART — The Evolutionary Precepts of Waking Down in Mutuality® and The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart™

This longer, in-depth, multimedia feast will “feed” two overlapping audiences:

  • people curious about the work’s emerging place among humanity’s religious, spiritual, and secular wisdom traditions and contemporary innovations,
  • and those ready to take their own next steps into divinely human transformation and expression of their unique gifts.

2. Further grounding the whole Human Sun HEART Work among other human institutions and systems and in our planetary biosphere

We're beginning to create and curate virtual HEART-spaces for our growing, loosely knit yet deeply connected Human Sun community.

Through our education and training arm, Human Sun Institute, we’ll continue to reach and touch hungry or hurting hearts with transmissions and teachings that lighten and brighten their lives.

We look to secure and endow in perpetuity a main physical retreat sanctuary, organizational home office, and spiritual empowerment seat for the global work.

Another big part of our dream is to develop and fund a charitable foundation for the benefit of others we appreciate who are making leading-edge contributions to humanity and to life on Earth.

3. Mentoring members of the already rising next generation of changemakers around the world

Through Waking Down in Mutuality, The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, The Tantra of Trust™, and the other proprietary programs of our Human Sun Institute, we are already helping such innovators self-empower their own catalytic contributions. We have a long history of success in providing these kinds of help.

A next generation is now learning how to serve as skillful HEART-Realizers and HEART-Activators, some already impacting many others through their own gift-expressions and their effortless presence.

Through these three crucial, impactful projects, with your participation and support we will all enable a million people to more fully access their evolutionary potential and help uplift the lives of multiple millions of others.

In the HEART

In the HEART

As we fulfill our three core goals through these three main projects, our Human Sun HEART Work will contribute more and more to the worldwide collaborations already rippling out through others’ and our networks. All these ripplings offer real hope for the future of humanity and all life on our planet. 

We are happy to share with you a full, current PDF statement of “A Million Hearts Illumined — Our 10 Year Vision.”  Click here. 

Most of the information in the main statement has already been presented in various places here on our site. In the Vision statement it’s all collected into one document — which includes seven “Hallmarks of the Human Sun HEART Work” that often lead practitioners to feel, “this work is different!”

At the end we invite you to open an Appendix, which among other things includes a sample chapter from our forthcoming books that itself includes a link to Linda’s song, “I Heard the Call.” 

You can also write to us at [email protected] if you wish to make a contribution or offer any kind of practical support. Or you can go directly to Donate on our site. We will be grateful for whatever you can offer, and for the Heart-blessing of your care and generosity.

Thank you so much for your interest, attention, blessings, and help!

In the HEART with you always,

Saniel, Linda, and the Human Sun team