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Dear Friend,

Since ancient times the efforts of awakened beings to serve the spiritual welfare of humanity have always been supported by grateful and appreciative benefactors.

We’re told in the Bible and by nearly every other sacred tradition, and many expressions of secular wisdom as well, that it’s better to give than to receive. Nowadays, of course, neuroscience has shown again and again that this is really true, in all kinds of neurological and physiological ways.

As the co-founders of the Human Sun HEART Work, we, Saniel and Linda, are honored and pleased to invite you to become a financial benefactor. Your gifts make an incalculable difference in helping our colleagues and us continue to bring this work forward, for the betterment of many lives the world over.

We hope it will be your deep pleasure, truly your sacred joy, to support our Human Sun HEART Work now and in the future.

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