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HEART of Peace Meditation with Saniel, Saturday 7/20

Virtual Heart Gathering with Linda & Saniel, Saturday 7/27



Virtual Heart Gatherings with Saniel & Linda 

For many years pre-pandemic, most every month we held a Sunday Heart-Gathering in our home, "Sun in Your Heart Sanctuary," here near Sonoma, CA.

We shifted over to Zoom and added another, entirely Virtual Heart Gathering to our monthly schedules. We’re still mostly offering these events online at this time.

Upcoming Virtual Heart Gatherings (all Pacific time and all Saturdays):

  • July 27, noon-1:30 pm
  • August 10, 4-5:30 pm
  • August 24, noon-1:30

Here's the link to join each time: 

These occasions are offered on a voluntary donation basis. We don't require you to pay a fee, but we do recommend that you make at least a small financial contribution in the spirit of Sacred Exchange. Your offering will certainly help sustain us in our work and our lives, and in effect will pay this and similar opportunities forward to others.

To make a donation of any amount, click here. 

General agenda:

  • Welcome, intros
  • All who wish can share prayers and invocations for healing, blessing, wellness, peace, etc., including specific prayers for individuals, families, groups
  • A brief session of Heart-transmission through gazing
  • A somewhat longer but still short period of meditation
  • Sometimes a short presentation by us, especially to orient any attendees who are new to us and our work
  • About an hour of conversation, including any presentation we start it off with

In these extremely trying and scary times, please come avail yourself of some good Heart-full company at these Virtual Heart Gatherings.

We'd love to have you with us and the others who come gather. Virtual is way better than no live connecting at all!


HEART of Peace Meditations with Saniel 

Saniel has been offering these hourlong periods of gazing and meditation for several years now.

Link to join each session: 

At this critical moment of so many human crises, we specifically want to consecrate each session to peace — for everyone everywhere and all sentient beings with whom we share this planet and its fragile biosphere.

Our agenda:

  • Welcome, intros
  • Saniel offers prayers and invocations on behalf of all attendees, for peace and well-being, especially those suffering human violence and war and the departed souls and survivors, human and natural, of natural disasters
  • 5 minutes of Heart-transmission through gazing
  • A 40-45 minute period of meditation
  • Closing comments and appreciations

Upcoming HEART of Peace Meditations (all Pacific time and all Saturdays) :

  • July 20, noon-1 pm
  • August 3, 11-noon
  • August 17, 4-5 pm

Again, this is the link to join us:

These occasions are offered on a voluntary donation basis. We don't require you to pay a fee, but we do recommend that you make at least a small financial contribution in the spirit of Sacred Exchange. Your offering will certainly help sustain us in our work and our lives, and in effect will pay this and similar opportunities forward to others.

To make a donation of any amount, click here.

We hope you'll come and add your presence to one or more of these sessions over the coming months. In the one great HEART we all share, every moment of prayer or contemplation is a gift to every body everywhere, even all sentient beings. Thank you!


A Small Medium at Large - Gail Hayssen: Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder: Maximize Your Joy

Gail Hayssen is a highly sensitive sensitive of quite small stature and global impact — thus her playful title for herself, “a small medium at large.” She was there at Woodstock and was a dear friend of Timothy Leary. Later she served as an experimental subject in so-called “paranormal” capacities at the renowned Institute of Noetic Sciences. Along the way of her life, she became an initiated adept in Mongolian Shamanism and received an honorary doctorate from Mongolia’s National Academy of Sciences. Gail’s joyful presence and great questions made for a delicious podcast conversation about how our Human Sun HEART Work helps people lighten stress, strengthen resilience, brighten their spirits, realize unshakable wellness and joy, and express their genius and their gifts.

Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder share their experiences with "Human Sun Heart Work" and how it helps people to lighten their stress, strengthen resilience, and brighten their spirits in deep, lasting ways. They talk about the three realms of desire and How to "Maximize Your Joy: In Your Life Work Relationships and the World." Their goal is to help great numbers of people maximize their joy and express their gifts -- now, soon, and in the future.

Watch here.


Rhonda Grant: Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder, Pioneering Coaches of Embodied Awakening

Rhonda Grant is an entrepreneur, founder, and business owner who instinctively coaches those she works with and people who come to her seeking her guidance in business. Rhonda’s strong business background coupled with superlative people skills allow her to connect with her audience both on stage, through her podcast, and in her writing. Given her quest to help facilitate “a massive shift in human consciousness,” Rhonda resonates deeply with our work to democratize embodied awakening – an immediate attunement with one another that comes through beautifully in her interview with us on her podcast.

Beautiful and enriching discussion with Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, who for decades have been helping seekers gain knowledge about how to resonate with their life’s path and tap into their divine potential.

Saniel and Linda are pioneering coaches of embodied awakening through their Human Sun HEART Work. Born in 1950, Saniel was a Harvard Honorary National Scholar, earning a B.A. in Social Relations. After completing his spiritual quest, he has spent 30+ years “democratizing” enlightenment with Linda and others. He has authored many spiritual books and two novels. Linda graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Art Education. A singer-songwriter, photo stylist, and artist, she toured with an international band and released two solo albums. Since 1996 she has focused on teaching Waking Down in Mutuality® with Saniel.


Coaches Rising - Joel Monk:  Awakening into Joy

Joel Monk is the co-founder, visionary leader, and podcast host at Coaches Rising, a premier international coach training organization. Formerly a longtime, avid student of Tibetan tantric Buddhism, he recently enrolled our coaching help in a six-month intensive and also spent a weekend with us on a residential retreat at our Sun in Your HEART Sanctuary. As a podcast host, Joel was thus able to bring a uniquely well-informed, profoundly initiated, and deeply friendly perspective into his exploration with us of crucial elements of our approach: the Spirit/Matter split, inner polarization and integration, the core/Heart wound, “second birth” non-dual embodied awakening, and the breadth of potential experience for those navigating a post-awakened life.

In this conversation with Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder we explore the spirit/matter split, an integrative approach to spiritual inquiry, inner polarization, the core/heart wound, “second birth awakening” and the breadth of experience post awakening.


Spirit Matters - Phil Goldberg: Waking Down in Mutuality with Saniel and Linda Bonder

Phil Goldberg is the author or co-author of numerous books, including the award-winning American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the World, the definitive biography of Paramahamsa Yogananda, the “first modern guru,” and his latest, Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times. He is a public speaker and workshop leader, who has presented at leading venues online and in person; a spiritual counselor, meditation teacher, ordained Interfaith Minister, and an active board member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity. His podcast conversation with us focused on our spiritual histories and our current work, including what it means to “become a human sun.” We also discussed matters relevant to so many spiritual practitioners today: the potential of power abuse by teachers, the vulnerability of their students, and the challenges of interpersonal shadow issues for all concerned.

Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder work together as spiritual teachers through the Human Sun Institute, the organization they co-founded. Best known for the process called Waking Down (later Waking Down in Mutuality), they describe their mission this way: "To being heart-based embodied awakening to a worldwide audience." Our conversation focused on their spiritual histories and their current work, such as what it means to become "a human sun." We also addressed delicate issues relevant to contemporary spiritual seekers: the potential of power abuse by teachers and the vulnerability of their students.

Listen here.


Embracing Joy in Challenging Times
An Interview with the editors of MysticMag

This brief email interview with us by Luka Dragovic of the Serbia-based site dives into our perspectives on how to “Maximize Your Joy™” in your life, work, and relationships — and in our world. Many thanks to MysticMag!


Democratizing the Sun Heart
A “Rogue Ways” podcast with Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown is a gifted shamanic spiritual healer, teacher, and agent of transformation with a fierce capacity for discernment and a huge heart. That big “both/and” capaciousness enables her to sell crystals and other healing aids and be, her words, both a “Tarot Loving Maniac” and a “Rogue Warrior.”

We had a delightful time talking with Lindsey in her “Rogue Ways” podcast interview where we covered many of the basics of our work. Given the oppressive joylessness so many suffer in our time, we spoke of the emphasis we’re now putting on “Maximizing Joy.” And Lindsey had a particular interest in how we serve the intensifying, “self-democratizing” awakening of that one great Sun that spontaneously shines, giving us life and awareness, in the Heart of hearts that we all share.


Modern Spirituality: ShamanIsis in Conversation w/ Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

ShamanIsis, aka Cynthia Elliott, is a highly accomplished marketing and communications pioneer who’s also been a lifelong mystic, psychic, and spiritual realizer. In this episode of her podcast, the ShamanIsis Show, she interviews Saniel and Linda on the nature of spiritual openings, the great awakening, triggers, healing, and more. Their conversation emphasizes the necessity of learning how to cultivate joy, especially in these dark and dangerous times.


“Unleashing Inner Awakening and Healing"

Our wise, enthusiastic host for this lively, in-depth podcast interview was Jesston Williams. His podcast, “The Hidden Gateway,” reaches many thousands of people.

Jesston asked us superb questions and helped us introduce this new site and its expression of our Human Sun HEART work to his audience. He made a particular point of asking about our “A Million Hearts Illumined — 10 Year Vision,” for which we’re very grateful.

The conversation is titled, “Unleashing Inner Awakening and Healing.” Whether you’re hungry for:

  • lightening and brightening your body, mind, spirit, and relationships,
  • whole-being, embodied awakening or post-awakening growth,
  • clarifying your genius and expressing your purpose and your gifts,
  • or all of the above,

we invite you to give it a listen!


"Finally Feel Free" Summit

Online Interview with Saniel and Linda

Our lively half-hour interview with the summit host, the UK-based coach, artist, and mystic Aiswarya, goes “under the hood” of how our Human Sun HEART  Work works. This unique process has helped many people realize an un-lose-able, and in many ways unexpectable, quality of non-separate embodied awakening — in other words, a whole-being feeling, knowing, and being of deeply grounded spiritual freedom.

Aiswarya liked what we shared so much that she decided to give us a “headlining,” “prime time” spot, early among the 45 speakers, many of them far better known than we are. The whole summit is free of charge — here’s the link: