Personal Consultations with Saniel & Linda

by zoom or phone only during the pandemic

One of the talents we, Saniel and Linda, are blessed with—each very much in our own ways—is helping you come to know yourself and learn how to live as a whole bodily Heart-awakened human being. The focus of our private session work meets you where you are in what appears, both to you and to us, to call for the most immediate attention, blessing, and catalytic, next-phase activation. As often as not, it involves a lot of reframing—helping you begin to see and participate in your life as already a divinely human event and emergence, with an inherent integrity and dignity even in your most challenging crises.

Appreciating your past, meeting you in your present, we help you clarify, refine, and animate the unique presence and potential of your future self. We help you become who you are here to be and to bring forth what you are here to contribute to humanity and to Life.

During the pandemic we haven't been able to meet with clients in person here at our home. However, most of our clients have not been local for quite some time; we have been working with people all around the U.S. and in multiple other countries. Personal sessions on zoom or by phone have proved to be consistently and profoundly effective.

We're now in the process of revising this page of our site. It will include more description of how we serve our clients in what is essentially a supportive, evocative coaching mode that includes the focused help of our 24/7 Heart-transmission or radiation. It'll feature more recent testimonials and endorsements. And it will explain our unique approach to determining the just-right fees for each client through a collaborative conversation (not a negotiation).

Meantime, we are very happy to connect and see what might be the best next steps for you with us personally!

Contact us for a complimentary discovery session

If you'd like to explore the possibility of working with one or both of us as awakened "HEART-Coaches," please write to us at Let us know which of us you'd like to speak with, or both of us if you'd like to look into that option.

We'll be happy to set up a complimentary discovery session to learn more about you, answer your questions, and explain the possible next steps and options for our service to you. If we find together with you that there's a good mutual "fit" for work together, we'll then cooperate on determining a fee that works best for both you and us—and get started!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!