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Personal Consultations with Saniel & Linda

by phone or in person at Saniel & Linda's home in Sonoma

One of the talents we, Saniel and Linda, are blessed with -- each very much in our own ways -- is helping you come to know yourself and learn how to live as an authentic, divinely human being. The focus of our private session work naturally moves toward what you are going through and what appears, both to you and to us, to call for the most immediate attention and "holding," and as often as not, reframing -- helping you begin to see and participate in your life as already a divinely human event and emergence.

Whether in person or on the phone, in addition to speaking with you we can do meditative gazing, using photos of one another, or simply by memory. Linda can offer the healing and embodiment power of her vocal toning, Saniel can play one of his flutes, and we can also transmit awakening, healing, and growth-enhancing energy through laying on of hands -- which can be quite effective even by energetic intention over the phone. Saniel also offers awakened shamanic practices of Spirit Invocation (helping you get here) and Spirit Relocation (helping other spirit-energies find more appropriate situations than your being). 

Andrea Bruecks “I have been profoundly moved by Linda's work during our sessions. Her advanced skills as a spiritual teacher, her wisdom and her loving support are invaluable to my unfolding as a conscious human being. We have developed a true and deep heart connection and it feels great to laugh and cry with her through my mysterious and windy path of life.

Andrea Bruecks, M.D.
Calgary, AB, Canada

We're available to do single sessions, but we prefer multiple session series. With transformational work this deep, this intimate to your very heart and soul, and this unlike most of what you'll find available in other spiritual or psycho-emotional caregiving modalities in the world today, it's to your huge advantage to commit at least to several sessions in your work with one or both of us. That gives both you and us time and real heart-space to relax and explore without pressure to find immediate solutions by the end of any given single session.

For couples work with one or both of us, please email us first at and we'll explore whether and how we can best be of help to you.

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Lisa Macy “My favorite part of private sessions with Saniel & Linda is the intense transmission I feel -- my chest, neck and head heat up and my heart feels... well... happy.  Sometimes we laugh, sometimes I'm puzzled and confused, sometimes I feel thrilled by what we discuss. But always I feel supported and heard and accepted exactly as I am.”

Lisa Macy
Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Dunwoody, Georgia,

We have a standard fee for each of our hourly and half hourly sessions, whether a single session or a series. We are willing to consider requests for the gift of partial scholarships from those who have financial needs, including students and seniors. Those who can offer the full amount should do so, and if they're moved to, can offer even more. In this way they can provide a marvelous service to others who benefit from their generosity, and thus to the greater work. To request a partial gift scholarship before booking sessions with either or both of us, or to schedule appointments or receive more information, email us at

We also make ourselves available to schedule longer private sessions or mini-retreats (half day, full day, or longer) during our travels to other areas on our Take Heart! Tours. Write to us at if you are interested and wish to consider this option with us.

We love offering this kind of service, and we'd be honored to work with you. Should we for some reason feel that it's not to your best advantage to work with us, we'll happily refer you to another teacher or healer whose work we deeply trust and respect.

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Residential Retreats

To register for your retreat, click here.

Residential Retreats are among our very favorite ways of working with people in the Waking Down/WholeHeart Way process. Generally, we welcome an individual or couple to stay with us at our home in northern California for two nights and one full day up to 5 nights and 4 full days. (We're open to longer retreats, too; let us know what you are interested in, and we can come up with a plan.) 

We customize each retreat entirely around your own growth, awakening, healing, and ongoing transformation. Each day (other than an optional outing day) you have formal session work with us: an hour with each of us privately, and another hour with both of us together. You also have plenty of private time to relax, take a walk, read, meditate, integrate, and enjoy. 

Linda takes great pleasure in preparing lunches and dinners for us all while you're here. She also has instituted what we jokingly, but she means it, call the "no-service rule." You are with us as our guest(s) and we take delight in serving you in all the ways we can while you're on a deeply relaxing retreat. 

At the same time, we're continuously transmitting a transition-accelerating presence of conscious Being, and we spend a lot of time talking with you about your challenges, cutting edges, and areas of desired healing and change. So there's a natural pressure in the retreat process without anyone having to come up with special disciplines or observances for you. Some of the unique services we can offer include our awakened shamanic practices of Spirit Invocation (helping you get here) and Spirit Relocation (helping other spirit-energies find more appropriate situations than your being). 

John Morrison On one of the retreat days, if you like (most who come wouldn't miss it), either Saniel or both of us drive with you up to our favorite place on our sacred mountain, Mt. Tamalpais — a bluff with magnificent views of the Bay Area and the ocean. It‘s one of the more peaceful places on the planet; we call it the “Core Mystery Power Spot.” We meditate with you there and enjoy the deep presence of Being together. We then drive down to Stinson Beach and put our feet in the water with you, have lunch together at a favorite local café, and on the way home to Sonoma stop off to commune with redwoods at the Samuel P. Taylor state park.

All this is part of the way we work our White-Hot transmission of the Heart of Being in the midst of ordinary, simple human pleasures and time together at our home and in nature. A lot of the beauty and power of Residential Retreats is just there: in the fact that we have time set aside just to be together in ordinary ways.

We generally offer only two Residential Retreats per month. For more information and a schedule of available times for your Residential Retreat with us, please contact us at After setting your retreat schedule, you may purchase your Residential Retreat at Saniel & Linda's webstore.

Comments on the Residential Retreat

John Morrison “In September 2009, I was pretty new to Saniel and Linda's work but it resonated with me so much that I decided to dive in at the deep end and do a retreat with them. It's hard to describe just how wonderful it is to have Saniel and Linda largely to yourself for two days. I felt so met, accepted, comfortable and welcome almost immediately.

“The retreat involved a session with each of them individually and one with them together each day, but the total experience was so seamless that the sessions blended wonderfully with all the time we spent just hanging out, eating, walking, talking and enjoying each other. On one of the days Saniel took me to Mt. Tam, Stinson Beach and the redwoods north of San Francisco. It was great to have so much time together in the car and in nature. We barely stopped talking the whole time and I came into a much deeper understanding of myself and easy ways that I could improve my personal growth practices.

“It was very interesting that until near the end of the retreat I was really enjoying myself but also feeling that the benefits I was getting were very subtle. But then in my session with Linda I came into a clear understanding of how in my life I had been drawing a distinction between the times I felt ‘spiritual’ and the majority of my time when I did not. I had a whole being realization that in fact all of my experience is inherently spiritual. This was an enormous relief and has changed my life fundamentally. Now everything feels spiritual and even when all of my attention is absorbed in something I am at peace with how natural and normal this is.

“By the end of our time together I felt like I had two new close friends, a personal spiritual program that had been clarified and accelerated to my delight, and an overall sense of well-being that felt more grounded and thorough than anything I have experienced before.

“They make it very clear that they really love to have people come on retreats. The attention I received was a sheer delight. Having ample time to ask any question I could think of and experience them in their ordinariness, clarity, love and presence was a great gift. Thanks again, Saniel and Linda!”

John Morrison, CIO
Los Angeles, California

“Beth and I, and our little daughter Eva, spent a residential retreat with Saniel and Linda in their home in Sonoma in February 2010. We were relatively new to the work at the time but, having first come across it six months before and it coming recommended from highly reputable sources, we were keen to pursue it as deeply and quickly as possible.

“The retreat was a wonderful experience in relaxation — on every level. Saniel and Linda's home is absolutely beautiful, a real oasis of energy in a relaxed agricultural environment where, as Saniel says, the vines rule. Every day was a nice mixture of conversation, exploration and being time. A few thorny and valuable issues arose in the transmission-field, as we 'cooked', which were dealt with impeccably with real value.

“We had ample opportunity for time with Saniel and Linda both individually and as the four of us. With Linda we combined emotional exploration with fun adventures into the local town for the lighter side of retreat. With Saniel we ventured to the sea and up to the marvelous Mount Tam, from where the beautiful Bay Area stretches around and the energy was palpable. We heard a great deal more about Saniel and Linda's histories, such a rich opportunity to learn from rare beings on their experiences and how they navigated towards this present day. We were able to deepen our understanding of their teachings and of course how they were showing up in our day to day lives. Throughout there was the palpable feeling of both being energised and being able to relax fully. By the end, it became very difficult to leave.

“We're still integrating the experience, I think, on intellectual and being levels; looking forward to continuing our work with Saniel and Linda both directly and via their various available telecourses. Hopefully on track to awakening, we look forward to our next steps in trust of the pivotal role that the retreat and its 'proximity' played.”

Nick Nielsen
Co-founder of Envision, a youth-serving charity
London, UK

“I went into my residential retreat with Saniel and Linda a tired lady dealing with retirement issues, feeling a tad phased out of the goodies of life. I came out a terror to behold.

“Previous to my retreat, I had long fantasized about having an endless session with Saniel and Linda, a session that would not end just as I was starting to get going, a session where I would be Truly Heard. And now at last, I had it. There they were for two whole days: a kind fortress of deep listening, sweet holding, and a finely-tuned understanding of all that was me. Deities of every imaginable ilk seemed to be floating in the field with us throughout these days.

“For all my inner work over the years, I still had hidden crevices of self-hatred that surreptitiously undermined all attempts to find Love and Awakening. With Saniel and Linda's sacred holding, I dropped down deeper and began to allow a burgeoning trust to surface. The trust said there was Love in the world, and I do have permission to participate. I finally got that I'm responsible for protecting all that is delicate and dear within myself from both the taunting voices inside and the shoddy treatment outside, which I had tolerated within my sacred inner domicile for too long.

“No more. Once home with an uptick in my Love energy, I became fierce about holding my Value on my own — and more connection, opportunity, and respect came pouring into my life. I thank my kind, fierce allies, Saniel and Linda, for this delicious two-day upheaval.”

Marilyn Eisenberg
Gainesville, FL

“I was lucky enough to spend a few days in a personal residential retreat with Linda and Saniel. It was a most empowering and nurturing moment. They created a very special energy and physical space in which I was fully welcomed and supported. Yet they managed, in their very gentle way, to empower me with profound Transmissions while sharing with me, in true mutuality, personal details of their lives, projects, and concerns.

“Saniel and I spent some very precious moments in a Shamanic mode, in nature, while having the most interesting conversations on some rather esoteric subjects. One of the highlights of my retreat was my sessions with Linda, who was embodying simultaneously the Compassion, Care, and Presence of the Divine Mother and a very close friendliness bubbling with a child's enthusiasm.“

Franck J.
Spiritual Teacher
Marseilles, France

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