What People Are Saying About the White-Hot Evocation of Your Next Unique Evolution

“When I started the 'White-Hot Evocation Process' with Saniel, I felt quite hopeless about my capacity to bring outinto the world my gifts and offering that I have developed over the last 20 years. I was ready to give up, feeling that my offering wasn't important, or even wanted.

pia-shapiro “Through the last few years I have had a sense of quiet despair at the core of my Being; a sense that even after being in my 2nd life for many years, I wasn't able to break through the deeper obstacles at my core in regards to my Dharmic expression. I realized I needed the assistance of someone who was powerful enough spiritually to take on and help dissolve what had been preventing my greater blooming for so many years.

“Through working with Saniel, I quite immediately started feeling an inner shift. I felt safe and held in his constant field of transmission and prayers. He saw me and welcomed my gift into the world like nobody else had ever done. Beyond that he supported me tremendously, both in practical ways and in sharing his spiritual wisdom and powerful transmission, enabling me to take the next steps in my work.

“Ihadworked with several other coaches, healers and teachers prior to this, trying but failing to achieve what is now happening naturally and effortlessly.For the first time things are actually shifting in a bigger way! Now I am well on my way to expressing my work in the world.

“I also gained a much deeper understanding about the 'spirit/money split,' which in my life has had devastating consequencesthat have even continued all along since my second birth.Working with Saniel around this I finally feel a deeper trust that I am well on my way towards healing this split at the depths of my Being.

“After the 'White-Hot Evocation Process' I am feeling re-inspired, in touch with the passion for my work, as well as really moving forward in big steps into the world with my own Dharmic expression, which I call BodyRiverYoga™.

“No words can express my deep gratitude for working with this amazing man. Saniel's Heart and Whole-Being transmission have been able to help mebreak through my inner obstacles in a way thatnothing else could until now.”
— Pia Shapiro, proprietor of BodyRiverYoga.