A Treasure Map of Your Awakened Life

a 9-session audio course exploring the organismic stages and developments possible in our kind of Awakened life

with Saniel Bonder

For several years Saniel has been presenting, in bits and pieces, a tentative map of the post-Awakened life in our ROSE way of being and becoming. During the Masters of the Heart audio course, it became clear that it was time to bring forth a more complete, comprehensive communication of these possibilities, especially for practitioners of Waking Down.

We call it a "treasure map" course because, for one thing, we're all still early in the first generation of people who are discovering such a process and living it out. We're still within the first two decades of what could prove over time to be a radically distinctive transformational tradition, for individuals, communities, whole cultures.

But at a deeper level, a treasure map is a very good metaphor for the nature of this "radical, organismic, sentient and emergent" unfolding. It can't be definitively mapped the way a Google map can lay out a whole neighborhood, region, or planet. These kinds of transformations and development are inherently emergent, which makes them mostly unpredictable. Anyone else's description of it is at best like a pirate's hastily scrawled sketch of barely explored territory. In many particulars it's completely unknowable in advance of your own arrival.

Course Topics
  • Our bio-spiritually natural anticipation of the four likely life-stages of post-Awakened development
  • How these stages may replicate, in our Awakened living, paths and practices that traditionally have been embraced as ways to get to Awakening or liberation
  • The two primary perils of divinely human post-realization: premature transcendence and immature immanence
  • The three developmental post-conventional "stages of faith" or "ages of trust" and how they might likely unfold for most Awakened practitioners
  • Why the very skills and specializations that have made Waking Down possible can potentially become limitations to our further growth and transformation
  • Awakened devotion, yoga, shamanism, mysticism, and more: How do these come into play in our style of post-awakened living?
  • What all this can mean for you: How to find and cultivate your own, completely unique post-awakening evolutionary paradigm
Introductory teleseminar

Six Things about Awakened Living in Mutuality You Might Never Have Imagined,
and May Really Need to Know

Intro, Part 1
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Intro, Part 2
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In the first half or so of this dynamic introduction, Saniel explains the playful "treasure map" concept for this course. He explains why, by its very nature, any such map is a best suggestive of possible outlines of experience, especially for our ROSE, or "radical, organismic, sentient and emergent" process that shows up so uniquely in each person's life. Then he presents the "Six Things about Awakened Living in Mutuality You Might Never Have Imagined, and May Really Need to Know" -- or, as he acknowledges, at least seriously consider for yourself. They are:
  1. "Nothing is written," nothing is absolutely "meant to be" -- everything is emergent, and even God/Goddess doesn't have "a plan" that we're all just living out inevitably.

  2. Chronology + psycho-physiology together make up the real developmental yardstick or most fundamental life-passages and likely evolutions of our experience and capacity in the awakened life.

  3. The first-birth traditions, anchored in the Spirit/Matter split, while deeply venerable in so many ways, may well prove to be premonitions of natural, bio-spiritual, increasingly post-Spirit/Matter split developments in the Second Life -- not ways to get to enlightenment but expressions of its natural evolution.

  4. The actual life of embodied awakening in mutuality interrupts every utopia, all our grand ideas about how it's all supposed to be or will surely turn out, with real-life paradoxes that challenge us and overturn all assumptions and conditioned expectations.

  5. Your future Self, struggling to be born into your present life, can look, sound, and feel exactly like your past self automatically intruding into your present life.

  6. Mutuality is not just a nice social adjunct to the real, essential event of Self-realization and expression -- it expresses the fundamental soul of our inherent, inextricable and un-transcendable interconnectedness in all dimensions of Being.
Most of the second half of the teleseminar takes the form of lively questions or comments from the live-call participants and Saniel's responses. He ends with a brief summary of what the Treasure Map of Your Awakened Life audio course's six sessions will entail -- and a warm invitation from Linda and himself to everyone, especially awakened practitioners of Waking Down, to take this historic, first-time-ever-presented course on our unique work and Way.

Course Sessions

Session 1
    The Heart, the Amrita Nadi, and the Four Bio-Spiritually Natural Stages
    of the Second (Awakened) Life

Session 2
    Stage One: The Awakened "Study of Being" (Divinely Human Infancy,
    Childhood, and Adolescence, No Matter What Your Chronological Age)

Session 3
    Stage Two: The Awakened Householder's Life-Embracing Yoga
    (Divinely Human Early to Mid Adulthood)

Session 4
    Stage Three: Transition to Sublimity (Divinely Human Maturity)

Session 5
    Stage Four: Ecstatic Eldership (Divinely Human Blessing-Rest for the Wise and Ancient)

Session 6
    Fifty Years Out: Our Awakened Culture in 2061 --
    An Interactive Visioning, and Recommendations for Further Study

Course information

A Treasure Map of Your Awakened Life 9-session audio course
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