Receiving Heart-Transmission Thru Gazing with Saniel & Linda

In this guided meditation we take you through a leisurely meditative exploration of the mystery of gazing.

First Saniel introduces gazing both as a primal "mammalian, primate process" that's natural to humans who love and trust one another, and even something we do with members of other species, like our pets. Then he speaks of it as a spiritual tradition, and especially in the context of the “HEART" tradition in which he received the blessings of adepts of gazing-transmission in the past.

Linda then leads you through a process of establishing an intention for your gazing session and feeling the process bodily as well as spiritually, after which she offers an extended period of her vocal toning. Saniel closes the session with affirmations and declarations about your and all of our true and total nature and how this living transmission through gazing can help intensify transformation and integration of all your parts. He plays one of his flutes, and they both close the session with blessings to you.

$15.00 USD