The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart 50 session Recitation & Commentary

 A reading of the classic book with up-to-date commentary by Saniel , recorded in audio and most sessions video as well in 2017-2018

In 50 sessions, Saniel reads aloud and offers up-to-date commentary on The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, Saniel’s first major text of early formulations of his teachings, another classic expression of this original Dharma of the conscious embodiment of the Heart and a cherished favorite of many around the world.

Recitation—a straight-through reading of a section of the book, leaving out unnecessary or dated passages, or a reading in an ancillary text

Commentary—Saniel's present-day explication of that session's material.

Saniel's commentaries draw upon his own more recent teachings and other sources old and new, spiritual, scientific, and cultural. He often amplifies the teachings in The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart with recitations of entire essays from his more extensive and technical presentations of his teachings in his other major Dharma texts, The Incarnation of Mutuality, and Sure Fire, as well as other books including The Conscious Principle and The Tantra of Trust.

In every session he offers updates and evolutionary refinements on the teachings in the book and reflects in various ways on the historical unfolding of the work, including the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Waking Down work and community since early 2014.

From the first session on, listeners have found these recitations and commentaries lively and clarifying - as one said, "sumptuous." "As you listen, the bodily-felt openings confirm that this teaching is alive in and as your very Heart."

$375.00 USD