The Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar

A 13-session multi-media course with
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

Since their debut in 2000, the Human Sun teachings have always been the primary structure underlying our presentations of Waking Down in Mutuality®. Over the years we’ve produced updated versions of what was originally called “The Human Sun Seminar.” We recorded this most recent version in 2015-16, renaming it "The Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar.”

We're planning to do yet another update in 2024.

For all current and near-term future purchasers of this 2015-16 edition, we’ll inform you soon about the changes coming in the 2024 version. For now, this seminar remains a fine introduction to the Waking Down in Mutuality process. We’re happy to welcome you to explore this HEART-transmission and teachings in this format.

Each of the 13 sessions has two components:

  1. A presentation by us, Saniel and Linda

  2. A Q&A/conversation between us and course participants, recorded during the original live seminar.

This 13-session multimedia course is unique and in some ways quite innovative among any courses ever offered on Waking Down in Mutuality. In previous virtual seminars, Saniel did the presentations and Linda joined him for the conversations. This time, Linda participates fully in both the presentations and conversations both. Students get the full benefit of her essential, grounded, simple yet profound expression of this wisdom — and of her distinctive, love-full transmission of the HEART.

Saniel's contributions include materials from his extensive writings in books such as The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart and Sure Fire, to help bring out the fullest depth of the teachings and bring them right up to current time. Some of the topics covered include:

  • the Heart as the foundation of this work, and the nature and primacy of its transmission

  • why it's so important for our daily well-being to deeply comprehend this work as a breakthrough departure from 5,000+ years of hypermasculine dharma in both East and West

  • what makes the core wound such a radical new discovery, and why it is so profoundly difficult, because of that, for even brilliant and deeply awakened people in other paths to comprehend what this Way is all about

  • what the Second Birth is and what it isn't

  • why consciousness in and of itself does not “contain” the totality of our access to the infinite dimensions of our nature

  • the real meanings of the terminology of this path vs. what might be called the “street dharma” of popular misconceptions among practitioners

  • the advent of much more nuanced, bodily-based psychological understanding of our “broken zones” and shadow material, and what this means for “Down” work today, both before and even long after awakening

This is a self-paced course; participants may start and proceed on their own schedule. The presentations are available in video, audio, and text transcription formats. The conversations are available in audio and text transcription formats.

For anyone desiring to get both a clear overview and an in-depth understanding of this work and how and why it’s been so successful in helping many people realize stable embodied awakenings and keep on evolving in their “Second Lives," this 13-session Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar is a crucial education and activation. We hope you’ll use it to inform and accelerate your own transformational journey!

$328.00 USD