How to Abide in the Light

Even in Dark, Divisive, and Dangerous Times


A 6-session recorded Heart-journey
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

For most of us humans, it's natural to prefer light to darkness, joy to sorrow, pleasure to pain, harmony to conflict, order to chaos.

There's nothing wrong with that preference.

But insisting on only the good, positive experiences and trying to escape or evade the bad, the negative, can be an unhealthy avoidance. Pollyanna-ish idealism. "Spiritual bypassing."

Maintaining an optimal balance of cultivating the light while also being with, recognizing, and integrating the dark is often difficult at any time. In shocking times of upheaval like these, it can be a whole other adventure.

Like trying to dance on a tightrope in a gale force wind — over a chasm and a raging river below.

Why this course is a truly illuminating exploration:

Attuning to and "conducting" the Light of Spirit in a whole-being, cellular way is crucial to our total Wellness of Being/Becoming. Along with Light-activating exercises and guided meditations, some of which you may not have previously encountered, we offer empowering perspectives. Among other potent distinctions, we clarify differences between what it takes to:

  • Open TO the Light

  • Work WITH the Light

  • Abide IN the Light

  • Abide AS and Be the Light

...and how all that relates to the Consciousness element or dimension of our total Heart-Nature. We also explore with you differences between ways of relating to Light that wind up being spiritual bypassing and ones that serve our total integration and well-being.

So “How to Abide in the Light” can help you grow in your understanding, practice, and embodiment of living Spirit in powerful, essential ways. It can:

  • help you reframe and refine your understanding of what's happening in and around you

  • see who you are becoming, maybe even in new, unexpected ways

  • and help you quicken, clarify, and streamline your growth in the directions you most desire.

Each of the six sessions includes recordings in both full video and audio-only of a presentation by the two of us, Saniel and Linda, and a conversation we hosted with some of the attendees at the live online course.

This course can be an eminently practical addition to your embodied wisdom and life-practice.


$258.00 USD