The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart ebook

Divinely Human Self-Realization and Sacred Marriage — A Breakthrough Way for “Westerners”

Saniel Bonder's first book, The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart is both radical transformational teaching and the unique, personal story of a profoundly embodied Awakening — one made possible by the author's dangerous means of leaving a powerful tantric guru under the warning of "hellish karmas for lifetimes" and daring to stake a claim in personal integrity at all costs. Written in a "first thought, best thought" spontaneous style, with potent metaphors, wild essay titles, and a continual willingness to break through as many conventions of writing style as his story exceeds taboos and assumptions of spiritual orthodoxy, this book has already helped hundreds achieve comparable spiritual freedom and fullness and is destined to touch and empower the journeys of many more.

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