Healing the Spirit/Matter Split eBook


It was with this provocative question in the year 2000 that Santa Monica-based writer Laurel Airica initiated a series of interviews with Saniel Bonder that ultimately became a book. Laurel had just read an article by a well-known spiritual guru that advised against pursuing romantic attachments before one had experienced a spiritual awakening. Knowing how radically different Saniel's approach to this subject would be – and the extreme relief this could offer to many frustrated seekers – Laurel suggested they conduct the interviews that became Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

In this 140 page paperback, you'll get Saniel's full response to all of Laurel’s questions concerning sex, love, partnerships, gurus, and the likelihood that ordinary people can awaken in this lifetime without extraordinary effort. You’ll also hear the pleasure they took in recording these interviews for you, along with their off-the-cuff, up-to-date remarks on all these subjects.

If you’re still wondering if it’s safe to have sex before awakening, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split may put that and other stubborn, ancient dilemmas into a whole new light that can help illuminate the path to your own awakening.

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