Waking Down 50 session Recitation & Commentary

A new reading of the classic 1998 book with 2015-16 commentary by Saniel

As one enthusiastic listener commented, Saniel’s Waking Down audio recitation & commentary course "tracks the evolutionary arc of this teaching’s ongoing emergence and the key changes that have come about over the years. And the recitation itself is a palpable transmission of Awakening Grace.”

In 50 sessions recorded weekly over the course of a year, Saniel reads aloud and offers up-to-date commentary on Waking Down: Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas — A Breakthrough Way of Self-Realization in the Sanctuary of Mutuality. This classic text of the great path of Waking Down® (also called Waking Down in Mutuality®) is now treasured by people around the world. Each session consists of two parts:

  • Recitation -- a straight-through reading of a section of the book, leaving out unnecessary or dated passages, or an ancillary text

  • Commentary -- Saniel's then present-day explication of that session's material.

Saniel's commentaries draw upon his own more recent teachings and other sources old and new, spiritual, scientific, and cultural. He often amplifies the teachings in Waking Down with recitations of entire essays from his more extensive and technical presentations of his teachings in his major Dharma texts, The White-Hot Yoga of the HeartThe Incarnation of Mutuality, and Sure Fire, as well as other books including The Conscious Principle and The Tantra of Trust.

In every session Saniel offers updates and evolutionary refinements on the teachings in the book and reflects in various ways on the historical unfolding of the work, including the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Waking Down® work and community over the last decade and more. From the first session on, listeners have found these recitations and commentaries lively and clarifying — as one said, “sumptuous.”

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