Guided Meditations Collection

Six-Step Recognition Yoga with Linda

Linda takes you through a brief introduction to Six-Step Recognition Yoga™ and then an in-depth guided meditation in the process. Linda says, "In the introduction I speak about how this practice was revealed to me years ago when I was dealing with a particularly intense issue in my own life. Then the guided meditation gets underway. I hope that after experiencing this process of recognition, you will be able to find a natural flow for using it as a tool for healing and growth in your life. Thank you so much for your exploration of this yoga. I sincerely hope it serves you." 

The Falcon's Glance with Saniel

Saniel begins with an explanation of how "the Falcon's Glance" is a metaphor for our direct exploration of consciousness itself, the root-nature of Being. He also introduces the various flutes that he will use throughout the guided meditation to help serve your reception of his transmission of Being-Consciousness through sound.

The guided meditation then progressively welcomes you to explore the realms of external and internal perception, sensation, energy, emotion, mental image and thought, and your core sense of self, "I," or "me," and how each of these are – from the perspective of consciousness itself – objects that the subject-awareness, or consciousness, encounters in its field of experience.

A key emphasis that Saniel brings is the recognition that we tend to imagine consciousness is some cosmic blow-out rather than the simple, essential "global positioning system" of daily living that is always actively registering all the phenomena of our environments and our lives and making possible all perception, cognition, and action.

Saniel offered a second version of this guided meditation to a workshop on "Living the Conscious Principle" in Calgary, Alberta, in late August 2008. Though it leads you through the same basic exploration, it's different from the first version in a number of ways that some people might appreciate. The introduction is more brief, Saniel only plays one flute, briefly, there's a ten-minute silent meditation at the beginning, and the pace is slower, with more silence. And, he emphasizes different aspects of this investigation of consciousness from those in the other version.

Active Conscious Dreaming with Linda

Linda explains that the process of Active Conscious Dreaming™ includes three distinct phases: Active Creation, Active Re-creation, and Active Co-creation. Then she guides you through a deep exploration of your own roots of creative manifestation, to help you generate desired changes in your life and awareness from the transcendent and most essential Heart of your whole being.

The meditation includes practices of clarifying your intention and visualizing the changes you're invoking. It's a paradox: The process is anchored in the quality of Being that is inherently free of fixation on and fascination with any particular outcomes. Yet Linda also welcomes you to invest your heart, soul, and passion in the total flow of conscious dreaming of your desires and dreams – and later, beyond meditation, to take active steps to give your dreams the greatest possibility of coming to pass in your life.

She says, “Every part of you – even your very personal needs and desires – matters. YOU matter. All parts included. So Active Conscious Dreaming helps you materialize everything that truly matters to you.”

Receiving Heart-Transmission Thru Gazing with Saniel & Linda

In this guided meditation we take you through a leisurely meditative exploration of the mystery of gazing.

First Saniel introduces gazing both as a primal "mammalian, primate process" that's natural to humans who love and trust one another, and even something we do with members of other species, like our pets. Then he speaks of it as a spiritual tradition, and especially in the context of the "Heart" tradition in which he received the blessings of adepts of gazing-transmission in the past.

Linda then leads you through a process of establishing an intention for your gazing session and feeling the process bodily as well as spiritually, after which she offers an extended period of her vocal toning. And Saniel closes the session with affirmations and declarations about your and all of our true and total nature and how this living transmission through gazing can help intensify transformation and integration of all your parts. He plays one of his flutes, and we both close the session with blessings to you. 


$50.00 USD