The Heart, the White Heat, You, and Us

a 6-session recorded  evergreen course with
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

“The Heart” and the “White Heat." This course explores how what these two phrases point to can become intimately meaningful to your human life. It's full of practical information that you can help you access these dimensions of the great Mystery in your daily experience — right now and from now on.

Each of the six sessions includes recordings in both full video and audio-only of a presentation by the two of us, Saniel and Linda, and a conversation we hosted with some of the attendees at the live online course.

Themes and topics for each session:

1. Is God becoming human—as us? Is there anything about whole-body Heart-awakening and the White Heat that signals that something like this is happening?

2. Why "tanking up on Heart-transmission" and listening to and cultivating the Heart's wisdom are the "two Essential Things" to do to access, live in communion with, and identify with the "one Essential Thing"—the great Heart we all share

3. The ongoing tension between meeting one another in the equality of our shared Heart-nature, and the functional hierarchies we experience in our skills and general maturity

4. Why developing personal character matters as much as realizing and embodying awakened consciousness, and how trust evolves as we move through different stages of personhood

5. The "yin" of communion with others and the "yang" of individuating in our own autonomy — learning to walk the razor's edge between extremes of "doing it yourself" alone and losing yourself or being overwhelmed in relationships

6. Practices for cultivating an "un-lose-able" equanimity in ourselves and with one another. This allows us to sustain a whole-being worldview that's radically deeper than mental belief and, unlike spiritual states that come and go, incomparably stable, granting us sanity and serenity even in extremely challenging times

Taking this course is a focused way to develop and refine both your understanding and your living experience of these great dimensions of our shared Nature. We hope you'll use it to learn more about how to live the HEART and its White Heat!


$258.00 USD