Welcoming You to Awaken Your Unique Self and Manifest Your Unique Gifts

through the Integral-informed WholeHEART Way™

with Integral Spiritual Center Teachers
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

A letter from Saniel Bonder, founding member, Integral Institute, co-founder, The WholeHEART Way, and founder, Waking Down in Mutuality

January 2010

Dear Friend,

What a pleasure to greet you here! Though my wife and partner Linda was not able to be part of the teaching team as had been planned, it was still my great pleasure to help present the first Integral Spiritual Experience retreat over the New Year's holiday this year.

One of the delights of that event for me was just being with 500 of the most wise, sane, and daring explorers of conscious evolution on the planet for five remarkable days. Another was to get how much the emergent Integral focus on "The Unique Self" dovetails with themes that have been central to Linda's and my work and that of our Waking Down in Mutuality teaching network for many years.

In this letter I'll introduce some of the story of Linda's and my involvement with Ken Wilber and the Integral movement. And I'll suggest how you can use our approach in your Integral practice to:
  • directly realize your "divinely human," impersonal yet personal, Unique Self,
  • explore, own, and integrate both the shadow and light aspects of your nature, thus liberating yet more energy and attention to...
  • discover and express your Unique Gifts for the benefit of all beings and all Life.
In audio dialogues with Linda and me on Integral Life (formerly Integral Naked), Ken has made it clear how much he recognizes and supports our transmission work. This direct imparting of HEART-power as awakening energy and consciousness is the primary "secret ingredient" that has allowed our colleagues and us to help literally hundreds of people achieve permanent, non-dual state-stage awakenings over the past 17 years. Ken endorsed us and our work many years ago and has been a staunch advocate; we're very grateful.

During the first retreat of the Integral Spiritual Center, in 2005, Ken urged all of us Charter Member spiritual teachers to actively introduce the Integral vision and approach into our own teachings. He encouraged Linda and me to create something like "Integral Waking Down," a hybrid of Integral and the Waking Down in Mutuality work I'd founded in 1993.

At the time, for a number of reasons, we weren't in a position to follow up on his suggestion. Now we are. In fact, Linda and I, along with several other teachers and leaders of the Waking Down in Mutuality movement, are already avidly harnessing and refining the transformational power of our work yet more fully by informing it with Integral's developmental and holistic, "all quadrants, all levels" perspectives.

In the meantime Linda and I have also come to call our own particular transformational offerings The WholeHEART Way. This increasingly Integral-informed approach to enlightenment and conscious evolution includes several distinct teaching streams or life paths. They provide catalytic guidance in:
  • embodied awakening, including profound shadow work, through our "founder's version" of Waking Down in Mutuality,
  • relating and relationship, through our Tantra of Trust™ teachings, and
  • unique gifts and manifestation, through our Force of Destiny trainings.
Each of these three approaches has its own entry-level or introductory access. Any of them can be explored on its own or along with one or both of the others. We look to develop extended duration apprenticeships and mastery programs that lead to advanced proficiency in all three of these "schools" and produce mature elders who are devoted to awakened world-service in their own unique ways.

While our embodied awakening work is now well developed, we're in the early stages of fleshing out the full curricula of the schools of relationship and unique gifts. Over the coming years we intend to create a dynamic academy that, among other things, contributes much back to the Integral vision and movement as well. We hope it will offer people everywhere opportunities for accelerated evolutionary transformation long beyond our own lifetimes.

Our current offerings range from free online courses and inexpensive ebooks to detailed, jumping-into-the-deep-end, immersive virtual courses and use of our adept services to give you transmission and guidance directly. Here are four ways you can immediately explore our work to see if it might add to your own practice:
  1. Free online course
    Take our free 4-session online audio course, Transmission of the HEART. Register at heartgazing.com/integral.

  2. Free teleseminar
    Saniel and Hans Plasqui, a graduate student at the JFK University Integral Studies program, are planning a free, 3-session teleseminar starting in late January. We'll present a commentary on Hans's paper, a critical appreciation of our work from the Integral perspective, and welcome comments from you and others too.

    After you register, you'll be sent an email with call-in instructions plus a PDF download of Hans's paper. Please read it in advance of the course.

    Course sessions: Saturdays, February 6, 13, and 20. Time: 8:00 - 9:15 a.m., Pacific time

    To register, email info@sanielandlinda.com and request "An Integral Look at Opening the Gateway of Mutuality" telecourse.

  3. 33% discount on all our publications and digital products thru February 3, 2010
    Take advantage of a third-off discount on all books, CDs, ebooks, audio downloads, and on-line courses in our webstore. These offerings range from $10 ebooks to our unique, 6-month intensive-immersion program, The Human SUN Experience™. For a complete list of discounted offerings, click here. To go directly to the webstore, click here.

  4. A live 12-session telecourse, "The Human SUN Experience & the Integral View"
    In these 75-minute teleseminar sessions, we'll look at each of the Human SUN Experience's "12 Radiant Gateways into Awakened Freedom, Wholeness, and Love" through multiple lenses offered by the Integral vision -- and then turn around and look at Integral from perspectives suggested by that particular Human SUN gateway. Open only to present or past participants in The Human SUN Experience. Starts spring 2010. For more information or to register, click here.
The ongoing confluence of our work with the Integral world Ken Wilber has founded is full of excitement and promise. We welcome you to partake of whatever you wish, and we bless you, always, on your journey, wherever it may lead! If our Take HEART™ Tour brings us to your area, we hope also to meet you someday.

Warm regards,

Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder
Extraordinary Empowerments
email: info@sanielandlinda.com