a monthly audio subscription series from Saniel and Linda

What could it mean for you to hear from us — audibly — every month?

If you're not sure, here's a hint, and an amusing yet revealing true story.

About a decade ago, Linda and I were getting to know a very famous author and leader who one day presented us with a wonderful gift -- a Sony video camcorder. In his typical, lovingly edgy way, our friend explained his very generous gift as follows. I'm paraphrasing so this is not a direct, exact quote, but it's pretty darn close!
"Now, Saniel, don't take this personally as a criticism, because actually you're really a fine writer, truly you are — but your writing is your least effective form of communication. Because your embodiment transmission, and Linda's with you, comes through most powerfully in your physical presence. Second most powerful is to be able to see you on video — and that's why I'm giving you this camera. The next most potent form of your communication is your voices on audio. Only after that comes your writing, because it's the most abstract, the least direct expression of your actual presence."
Many other people acknowledge a unique Heart-enlivening power in our voices, and now the time has come, finally, for us to really bring it out for you and keep it coming. Video is on the way soon, we promise (thank you again, Mystery Man!). Meantime, and from now on, it's our pleasure and joy to announce the inauguration of HeartSpeak a monthly audio subscription series from Saniel and Linda.

What You Get From Us As a HeartSpeak Subscriber

Each month we'll post on the internet at least two downloadable audio presentations:
  • A general-interest talk or conversation by one or both of us (Saniel and Linda), helpful both for beginners in our kind of transformation and advanced practitioners too.

  • A more advanced talk or conversation, again by one or both of us, that will address general issues and practices in depth, and/or developments in the post-awakening life.

How Your HeartSpeak Subscription Works

Once you register through our bookstore, every month we'll send you an email with the links for this month's new audios. We'll automatically charge your card $12 per month until and unless you cancel your subscription, which you can do any time.

Just go to our online bookstore and sign up!

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