Inviting You to Experience a Powerful and Simple
Major New Spiritual Resource for Every Body

HEARTgazing Celebration Evening with
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

in New York City
Monday July 28 at 7:00 PM

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A letter from Linda Groves-Bonder...

Dear Friend,

It's our wonderful pleasure to welcome you to join us at one of our evening "HEARTgazing Celebrations," coming up from late March thru early May.

HEARTgazing is a new offering, and one that means so much to us personally -- at the heart. For years we've struggled with a kind of tender challenge.

Saniel and I are spiritual teachers and awakeners. Along with other teachers in the work that Saniel founded, Waking Down in Mutuality, we've helped many hundreds achieve unique spiritual awakenings. A lot of them -- myself included, from early on -- have found that the new life we've entered into is so full, and so full of Heart, that it's just wonderful. We've become trusted and acclaimed colleagues of teachers and authors such as Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Larry Dossey M.D., Sally Kempton, Anodea Judith, Peter Russell, and many others.

But we also know that many, many, many more people are not attracted to our transformational awakening process. They may already have other commitments of faith or spiritual practice. Or they may have other things they're attending to in their lives that don't move them in that kind of direction.

We've always sensed that if we could find a way to be in connection with such people, we could be a resource for them. We both -- in some ways, maybe especially me -- have always felt that our Heart-transmission could reach and help many, many more people than we've been in touch with so far. We could help them heal their own hurting hearts and support them in their lives and their religious or spiritual pursuits, even if they are profoundly involved in other practices.

So we've been thinking and talking about this desire of ours for years. But we were never able to come up with an approach that felt workable.

Finally, late last year, we came upon what we feel is a wonderful solution -- HEARTgazing. It's a way to invite you to simply enter into and enjoy a spiritual connection with us, and to use our spiritual transmission of embodied consciousness for support, help, inspiration, validation, encouragement, and deep bodily connection, in yourself and with others, to the Heart of all life.

Here's how HEARTgazing works

From early on in his work, Saniel implemented the ancient technique of communicating spiritual energy and consciousness by glance or gaze. This has become a tradition among all the Waking Down in Mutuality teachers. And it's at the core of our HEARTgazing offerings. We'll explain the process in more detail at each gathering -- it's pretty simple, actually.
  • Each person will have a brief period of making direct eye contact with each one of us, sitting directly face to face.
  • The intention will be one of simple meeting, heart to heart and soul to soul.
  • No manipulation of energies, no psychic maneuvering or mind reading -- just meeting in mutual respect and honoring.
This simple spiritual and personal encounter is the core of HEARTgazing, but not the extent of it. Saniel and I radiate a life-force and presence that have proven, over many years and for many people, to stimulate and quicken desired forms of growth and change. And we aren't just living that transmission process in the specific occasions of HEARTgazing. It's a 24/7 spontaneous process for us. So HEARTgazing also initiates a connection with us that you can use as a resource in your life in many ways. Anywhere. Any time! It's also a form of connection that you can explore with others, mutually. We'll explain all that at each gathering.

Click here for three free audios about HEARTgazing:

  1. Why we are offering this blessing
  2. Five meta-shifts in our world that are making deeper heart-connection both urgent and inevitable
  3. The "transmission" secret that makes HEARTgazing work

We will be offering these HEARTgazing Celebrations from time to time. Keep tuned to the calendar page for the next one in your area.

We're happy to offer you this blessing straight from our hearts to yours, and we hope it will be of great help to you in your life. And, again, please invite your friends and others you think might benefit. HEARTgazing is our gift to the world and we hope to find ways to help it reach great numbers of people.

Saniel joins me in sending you huge smiles of welcome and blessings on your own journey, wherever it may lead!

-- Linda Groves-Bonder

Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder