Course Outline

GET FIERCE! Cultivating Consciousness & Discriminative Intelligence

a 7-session telecourse
recorded Feb. 11 - April 1, 2010

Session 1

Transmission, Listening, and the Magic of Ritual Repetition
  • Why, in our work, your embodied awakening and post-awakening refinement of Consciousness require apparently simplistic (but in fact most profound) practice of dependence on Heart-transmission and simple, mutual "listening" (to your own being, and reception/understanding of verbal teachings)

  • How this approach attunes with traditional Indian yoga of Self-knowing and its three phases of practice toward Self-realization

  • The secret of what traditional Indian yoga calls the "fourth sheath" or "higher mental 'body'" and how this discriminative realm of mind links Consciousness with Matter and all aspects of your living, including energy, emotion, your body and everyday mind, and all relating and relationship

  • What this means for your ongoing discrimination or discernment in daily living -- that is, "what's in it for you" -- as an incarnating, "divinely human" being

  • A short version of Saniel's "Falcon's Glance -- GPS" guided meditation

Session 2

Conscious Skillful Will in Your Cultivation of Awakened Awareness 
  • Why, contrary to so many traditional and contemporary teachings, it's actually NOT to your advantage to try to achieve as many "peak experiences" of impersonal, transcendent Consciousness as you can and then try to make them permanent

  • How the active cultivation of Consciousness actually works as a key part of "the Rot" out of hypermasculine dissociation and into the Core Wound

  • Some of the drawbacks of previous, hypermasculine, Spirit-biased consciousness approaches

  • Why our approach appears to work so extraordinarily well for so many and can work even better if they attend to these aspects of it -- the "secret empowerment" you tap into if you allow yourself to

  • Linda on "conscious skillful will" and how it works -- and how not to try to make it work -- in your practice of Six-Step Recognition Yoga™, including a guided meditation with special attention to consciousness

Session 3

Why You Need to "Lose" Your Witness Awakening and the Possible Bridge Between It and Your Second Birth
  • Falling or dropping into basic conscious embodiment: your "Second Conception" as the true beginning of the "Second Gestation"

  • Apparently "losing" your awakening as embodied feeling-witness consciousness is progress, not regress; evolution, not failure -- and why

  • When enquiry comes into play in your work, how it becomes non-verbal and why, how it functions for you that you may never have learned about in other teachings

  • Once you've stabilized in whole-being witnessing, what happens next -- the mystery and paradox of marveling in Consciousness itself while "getting into the sensual delight of being alive"

  • The dance of mothering-fathering yourself in this exquisite passage toward your full Second Birth

Session 4

Dealing with Your Ego and Broken Zones, before and after Second Birth Awakening
  • How teachings that make your ego (sense of "I" or "me") wrong not only perpetuate your split but also prevent you from the natural healing that makes you whole

  • The paradox of the embodied feeling-witness consciousness in our Way: you're also embodying your ego as never before

  • If ego and mind and desires and even negative reactive emotions are not a problem in this work, then, how should you deal with them?

  • Why your broken zones seem so much more stark after Awakening, and why you're also, curiously, so much better equipped to integrate them

  • The analogy of the peaceful lagoon and the dangerous deep blue sea -- pre- and post-Awakening challenges and skills for encountering ego and broken zones

Session 5, March 11

Our Kind of Non-Duality -- the Seamless Onlyness of the Second Birth, and the Miracle of Mutuality 
  • Traditional and contemporary concepts of non-duality and the ways in which they do and don't apply in our work

  • How your Second Birth demonstrates that spirituality is not just evolutionary, it is itself evolving: a whole new world of enlightened living 

  • Why and how the Second Birth does fundamentally heal your Spirit/Matter split in a basic way, yet doesn't heal your actual Core Wound at all, and how that's a good and real thing

  • Some of the huge "both/and" paradoxes of living this awakened life and why we can legitimately call them "in-life tantric ko-ans"

  • The precious gifts of mutuality for greenlighting your whole Being, including who you've Been and also who you are Becoming

Session 6, March 18

The Wakedown Shakedown as Divinely Human Descent or Incarnation
  • Why calling this passage just "Wakedown Shakedown" can be misleading and dangerous for your discriminative understanding and your trust and confidence in Being

  • Why it generally takes 5-7 years before you've really completed the fundamental passage of that Incarnation yoga -- at least, so far

  • Phases of divinely human infancy, childhood, adolescence, and early and later adulthood, and what they entail depending also on your chronological age

  • The secret of "submission to the Dark Feminine" as the ultimate antidote to knee-jerk reflex returns of "the hypermasculine override"

  • When the "Married Masculine" is free to flex his muscles in and as You for the first trustworthy time, and what that means for your process and practice

Session 7, March 25

The Stages Beyond the Wakedown Shakedown
-- Your "Avataric" Genius of Being and the White Heat of the HEART
  • If you really are divinely human Being achieving unique incarnation in this lifetime, then ... what are you here for?

  • A post-awakening "map" of potential developmental stages and changes in your experience, worldview, presence and participation

  • The potential pitfalls of Premature Transcendence and Immature Immanence in your awakened life

  • The miraculous potential of mutuality among advanced awakened beings: maturity and eldership in the life of the Awakened Heart

  • The meaning, mystery, and potency of the White Heat as an ultimate paradoxical "both/and" and accelerant for your unique contributions and gifts to emerge