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Residential Retreats
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About Our Custom Programs

In our custom, individualized programs and personal and couples counseling, we present a variety of services, including:
  • Extended-duration gazing meditation & transmission
  • Personalized guidance through one or more of the 12 Human SUN Gateways into skillful Waking Down practice
  • Intensive initiation into and embodiment of the Conscious Principle, your essential Self-nature
  • Six-Step Recognition Yoga instruction and guided meditations
  • Help clarifying where you are and where you most need to put attention in the sequence of Waking Down awakenings and transitions, including the “Rot,” the Second Birth, and the Divinely Human Descent
  • Investigations and recommendations for your practice of Mutuality
  • Help to tap into the Force of Destiny more fully, by clarifying and blessing your unique, divinely human life-purpose
  • Help to access Great Relief from adding unnecessary pain to your life through learning one or more “secrets your body wants you to know”
  • Consideration of your readiness for and/or practice of skilled and superlative intimate sexual partnership in your own life, based on the Four Diamond-Cornerstone Skills we teach in the Tantra of Trust
For more information about these and our other offerings, and how we can tailor them to your precise, present situation and needs, read below, then please contact us at .

Residential Retreats

Residential Retreats are among our very favorite ways of working with people. Experience deep shamanic Spirit Invocation (helping you get here) and Spirit Relocation (helping other spirit-energies find more appropriate situations than your being). For more information, click here.


We work as a team and also on an individual basis with clients who wish to establish longer-term (6-month, 9-month, 1-year, or more) committed apprenticeships with us in Waking Down/White-Hot Yoga of the Heart training.

An Apprenticeship will typically include at least two Residential Retreats, one or more private counseling sessions a month with one or both of us, discounted fees for other session work you may request, and discounts on other workshops or programs we offer that you choose to attend during your Apprenticeship.

We truly love this work. It’s a marvelous way to ensure you will go very deeply into your awakening and your fulfillment of divinely human destiny! We welcome you to contact us and explore this opportunity. We'll work with you to design your Apprenticeship to meet your own unique and specific needs.

We can accommodate only a very few people as Apprentices at any given time. Contact us at for more information!


Both of us offer private and couples counseling, healing, and gazing transmission/conversation sessions, in person and by phone. Linda is particulary interested in working with more clients. For more information, click here.

Other Customized Programs

We are well aware that some people who could benefit greatly from our services have situations in life that require a highly custom-designed program with us. We’re happy to accommodate such interests as much as our own schedules and commitments permit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at , to discuss your needs and desires, or ask us more about the various services we can offer you. We’ll be happy to consider how we might create such a program for and with you.