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Virtual Heart-Gatherings with Saniel & Linda

For at least a dozen years, most every month we've held a Sunday Heart-Gathering in our home, our "Sun in Your Heart Sanctuary," here near Sonoma, CA.

That option is off the table in this era of stay at home social distancing.

Instead, we're happy to take this opportunity to jump online with a series of Virtual Heart-Gatherings.

Upcoming Virtual Heart-Gatherings (Pacific Time):
  • Saturday, May 20, noon-1:30 pm
  • Saturday, June 10, 4-5:30
  • Saturday, June 17, noon-1:30
Here's the link to join:

These occasions are offered on a donation basis. We don't require you to pay a fee, but we do recommend that you make at least a small financial contribution in the spirit of Sacred Exchange. Your offering will certainly help sustain us in our work and our lives, and in effect will pay this and similar opportunities forward to others.

To make a donation of any amount, click here.

General agenda:
  • Welcome, intros
  • All who wish can share prayers and invocations for healing, blessing, wellness, peace, etc., including specific prayers for individuals, families, groups
  • A brief session of Heart-transmission through gazing
  • A short presentation by us, esp. to orient those who are new to us and our work
  • Then 2 periods of Q&A and conversation, with a 10-15 minute break between
In these extremely trying and scary times, please come avail yourself of some good Heart-full company at this virtual gathering!

We'd love to have you with us and the others who come gather. Virtual is way better than no live connecting at all!


Heart of Peace Meditations with Saniel

freely offered to all

For Ukraine, all humanity, and all life on Earth

Link to join:

As part of our response especially to Putin's invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine and genocidal attacks on its people, we've stepped up our schedule of Saniel's hourlong "Heart of Peace Meditations." See more details below.

We've made a practice of starting these longer meditations by inviting participants to dedicate the session's blessings through prayers and invocations for themselves, other individuals, and the collective.

At this critical moment of so many human crises, we specifically want to consecrate each session to peace—especially in Ukraine, and also for everyone everywhere and all sentient beings with whom we share this planet and its fragile biosphere.

After inviting participants to briefly offer prayers and blessings, we gaze for 5-7 minutes and then sit in silent meditation for 40-45 minutes. There's a couple of minutes or so at the end for voicing appreciations and thanks, we deliberately don't want to jump into much talking and thinking.

The fundamental premise of our work is that everybody everywhere is coming alive and awake in and even as the one great Heart we all share. We don't expect others to share this premise; please, "come as you are." On this basis, though, our view is that while Saniel has a principal role of convening and transmission, everyone present is co-activating the event's Heart-blessings. All participants naturally co-manifest a rich, empowering field of Heart-radiance together and generate an infusion of greater peace for all humanity and all sentient beings. Whether anyone elsewhere has any sense that such a blessing is taking place. And whether any of us feels we're having a "good meditation" or not!

Practical notes. We'll start promptly at the scheduled time. The zoom room will be open a few minutes before we begin; please be ready to start on time. If you need to go before the end, please feel free to quietly leave.

Upcoming Heart of Peace Meditations (Pacific Time):
  • Saturday, May 27, 1-2 pm
  • Saturday, June 3, 10-11 am
  • Saturday, June 24, 4-5 pm
Again, this is the link to join us:

Donations: please support humanitarian relief! These events are offered freely to everyone. Regarding donations, we urge you to give whatever you can to organizations aiding those in desperate need in Ukraine and its millions of refugees. Or to other causes that ease human suffering and that of other sentient beings around the world.

We hope you'll come add your presence to one or more of these sessions over the coming months. Every moment of prayer or contemplation is a gift to every body in the Heart. Thank you!


While the primary purpose of these mutual contemplative events is to serve peace on Earth, there are of course benefits for all of us attending. Saniel wrote about the original versions of these offerings, which were called "White Heat HEART Meditations":

"For anyone who wants to deepen in your capacity to feel, live, and BE the Heart amidst all the challenges and pressures of daily living, without question long meditation is the single most potent activator I can recommend. But not just any long meditation. Best by far is prolonged immersion in the 'White-Hot' presence transmitted by one or more people who are stably living, being, and radiating the Heart. I'm happy to say, I'm often joined by at least one or two others who are living this wonderful confidence in Being. .

"That kind of deepening is what these longer contemplative gazing and meditation sessions are designed to make available. So if you're hungry, come feast with us! You'll also benefit from the natural intensification of Heart-presence that the other participants all help make possible, just by being in the virtual room together."


The Heart and Waking Down in Mutuality®

A Free 2-hour introductory orientation
with Saniel and Linda

This presentation might be of value to you if...
  • you're new to the spiritual quest and are looking for a path that will get you where you want to go
  • you're a longtime but frustrated and dissatisfied seeker of spiritual enlightenment-you may even fear that you'll never fulfill your search in this lifetime
  • you don't really care about "spirituality" or "awakening"-but you do care intensely about becoming the best, most authentic person you can and realizing your potential to the fullest
  • you resist teachings and practices that propose you have to give up your ordinary, everyday life and relationships or master or perfectly transcend your ego, desires, reactions, etc., to be able to attain unshakable wellness, joy, and peace
  • you have a strong religious faith and a spiritual practice within it, but you feel like something is missing and you need more depth

In 2018-2019, we clarified aspects of the Waking Down in Mutuality teaching and process in a crucial way. This work, also known as Waking Down®, is now clearly grounded in the "one great Heart we all share."

Our primary message to everyone is, "The Sun in your Heart is rising." That is, the radiant feeling-intelligence of our eternal nature and condition is realizing and expressing itself bodily as You." Waking Down in Mutuality is a path of what we like to acknowledge as "underservable grace."

More than that, it's increasingly understood and being cultivated by practitioners as the Heart's own Way of coming alive and awake in, as, and through each one of us.

For more than a quarter of a century, nearly every single person who has seriously put these transmissions, teachings, and practices to use has permanently awakened into an unshakable "wellness of Being." And this whole-being, whole-body awakening has changed their lives for the better.

In this 2-hour introductory orientation, we'll:
  • summarize the essential points and precepts of Waking Down in Mutuality as a grace-given path of the Heart,
  • distinguish it in an honoring way from the traditions that have preceded it and made it possible, as well as from other contemporary trainings,
  • and, most important, give you a clear picture of what this transformational process can entail for you and why it is treasured by so many.

If you'd like to read more about this introductory orientation, to download the audio, and to learn more about Saniel and Linda, click here.

We are so happy to be able to offer you this free presentation.


How to Abide in the Light
Even in Dark, Divisive, and Dangerous Times

A 6-session recorded Heart-journey
with Saniel & Linda

What is "the Light," anyway? Why does light mean so much to so many of us? Is there even such a thing as spiritual light? If there is, what is the relationship between it and physical light?

What do different sacred traditions mean when they speak of light, each in their own way? Are there commonalities? Differences?

These are some of the themes and questions touched on in this six-session online course we presented in 2019 and are now making available as a recorded virtual seminar. A particular focus in our presentations is breaking down four different approaches or phases of our possible relationship to light as a multidimensional phenomenon:

tightrope 1. Gaining ACCESS to Light
2. WORKING with Light

We're not aware of other teachings or trainings that highlight the practical distinctions offered in these four approaches to Light, and the specific form or forms of Light that we can experience in each of the four.

As examples, some teachings focus on the colorless light of consciousness or awareness itself, while others invite practitioners to cultivate visionary or meditative experience of subtle, celestial lights of various colors.

In this course, we welcome you to explore all four approaches to your heart's content!

The session presentations include conversations with participants, as well as a number of guided meditations. One is taken from the shorter of two guided meditations in Saniel's landmark essay, for the holiday season appropriately titled, "The Human Christmas Tree: Spiritual Practices for Turning on the Lights of Your Whole Body."



The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart recitation & commentary course

50-session recorded audio/video course

A new reading of the classic book with up-to-date commentary by Saniel

From October 2015 to September 2016, Saniel did a similar recitation and commentary course for his book Waking Down. Many of those who took that course are still raving about it.

In 50 sessions, Saniel reads aloud and offers up-to-date commentary on The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, the classic text of this great Way that is now treasured by people around the world. Each session consists of two parts:
  • Recitation -- a straight-through reading of a section of the book, leaving out unnecessary or dated passages, or a reading in an ancillary text
  • Commentary -- Saniel's present-day explication of that session's material.
Saniel's commentaries draw upon his own more recent teachings and other sources old and new, spiritual, scientific, and cultural. He often amplifies the teachings in The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart with recitations of entire essays from his more extensive and technical presentations of his teachings in his other major Dharma texts, The Incarnation of Mutuality, and Sure Fire, as well as other books including The Conscious Principle and The Tantra of Trust.

In every session he offers updates and evolutionary refinements on the teachings in the book and reflects in various ways on the historical unfolding of the work, including the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Waking Down® work and community since early 2014. From the first session on, listeners have found these recitations and commentaries lively and clarifying - as one said, "sumptuous." "As you listen, the bodily-felt openings confirm that this teaching is alive in and as your very heart."

Conscious Skillful Will

Six Steps and Four R's for Reconfiguring Your Mind and Life with Graceful Wisdom

a 6-session audio seminar with Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder delivered via the internet

A frequent misunderstanding of the practice of Waking Down® over the years has been the notion that we are supposed to endlessly and forever "greenlight" – and thus go on identifying with, fully surrendering into being – our most difficult feelings, issues, and shadow patterns. But this is a partial and distorted approach to greenlighting and the whole practice of Six-Step Recognition Yoga and what it may lead to. People taking this approach can tend to get stuck in an overly yin or stereotypically "feminine" (receptive, accepting, surrendering) orientation to practice. They sometimes make the error of thinking that any exercise of will and effort toward self-change or development is "hypermasculine."

This course can help you get clear on when it's time to bring what Linda calls "conscious skillful will" into active, even passionate, reconfiguring of your mind and life. Here are some of the topics we discuss and help practitioners integrate during the course sessions:
  • How Six-Step Recognition Yoga is a whole-being process, not founded in the periphery of mind, attention, and will
  • How that practice requires discernment and restraint – for instance in learning how to titrate exposure to your broken zones
  • How it moves from the yin of Recognition and Release into the yang of Reconfiguration and Regeneration (the Four R's)
  • How conscious skillful will becomes core-generated, anchored in the indefinable mystery of our Totality Identity
  • How to work with your broken zones and shadow patterns to outgrow being governed by or chronically stuck in them
  • How, when it's time, to wisely skip the "Live It" and "Be It" stages of Six-Step Recognition Yoga – without indulging spiritual bypass
  • How to discover and refine your own natural rhythm of more yin and more yang ways of living your process
  • Why these teachings, originating in our work, can be put to great use in just about any integrative path of embodied awakening.
Conscious Skillful Will can be an immense empowerment and quickening of your divinely human autonomy and your growing repertoire of skillful moves in the dance of Being and Becoming.

Course materials:
  • video introduction to the teachings by Saniel,
  • six downloadable 90-minute audio recordings of teleconference sessions with Saniel, Linda and participants in the original live seminar,
  • text transcriptions of the six audios.
Fee: $178

The White-Heat Seminar

a 10-session recorded multimedia presentation & discussion course

with Saniel Bonder assisted by Linda Groves-Bonder

Over the years, and not at all to our surprise, the White Heat has been the most mysterious, least readily understood element of our teachings. So many people have asked about it and we've been able to say so little that has truly satisfied the questioners.

Which is why Saniel got the inspiration to make a whole seminar based around a short collection of essays called The White-Hot Glory – with Dirty Hands!, the one book of his which is comprised almost entirely of essays that address the White Heat:
  • What the White Heat is,
  • How it became and remains central to his life and transmission, and
  • What this means in relation to our work, to the traditions that have come before us, and – most importantly – to you and your own awakening, growth, and living.
Saniel playfully describes the White Heat seminar as “a definitive (good luck with that!) contemplation of the supremely Indefinable." The White-Hot Glory book that forms the text for this course he calls “some of the most ecstatic, transcendent-right-here-in-the-muck, juicy stuff I've ever written.”

The White Heat seminar is an evergreen offering in the Human Sun Institute curriculum, part of the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart quadrant of intensive transformational teachings.

Course format
Each recorded session has two components: an hour-long presentation of the course material by Saniel, and a 75-90 minute phone conversation with the participants in the original live online course. In his video and audio presentations, Saniel combines recitations from The White-Hot Glory with spontaneous commentaries that sometimes include selections from his other writings, the writings of the mystic poets, and other material. In the group conversations, Saniel offers further explication of the course material and answers questions from students.

The two course texts, The White-Hot Glory and The White-Out Dharmas of the Divine People, ebooks are provided as part of the journey.
Cost: $258

The Waking Down Recitation & Commentary course

50-session recorded audio course

A new reading of the classic book with up-to-date commentary by Saniel Bonder

As one enthusiastic listener commented, Saniel’s Waking Down audio recitation & commentary course “tracks the evolutionary arc of this teaching’s ongoing emergence and the key changes that have come about over the years. ...the recitation itself is a palpable transmission of Awakening Grace.”

In 50 sessions, Saniel reads aloud and offers up-to-date commentary on Waking Down, the classic text of this great Way that is now treasured by people around the world. Each session consists of two parts:
  • Recitation -- a straight-through reading of a section of the book, leaving out unnecessary or dated passages, or a reading in an ancillary text
  • Commentary -- Saniel’s present-day explication of that session's material.
Saniel’s commentaries draw upon his own more recent teachings and other sources old and new, spiritual, scientific, and cultural. He often amplifies the teachings in Waking Down with recitations of entire essays from his more extensive and technical presentations of his teachings in his major Dharma texts, The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, The Incarnation of Mutuality, and Sure Fire, as well as other books including The Conscious Principle and The Tantra of Trust.

In every session he offers updates and evolutionary refinements on the teachings in the book and reflects in various ways on the historical unfolding of the work, including the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Waking Down® work and community since early 2014. From the first session on, listeners have found these recitations and commentaries lively and clarifying — as one said, “sumptuous.” “As you listen, the bodily-felt openings confirm that this teaching is alive in and as your very heart.”

Let's Talk Sex and the Tantra of Trust

8-session audio course

with Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder and live course participants

This recorded seminar addresses sex in its larger dimensionality that is relevant to every single one of us here in a human body, whether we're sexually active or not – whether we're even interested in sexual partnership or not.

Sexual-relational trials and delights often intensify in the charged atmospheres many of us stumble into, sometimes quite helplessly and unaware, in Waking Down in Mutuality practice. The challenges increase in part because in many cases we haven't yet really comprehended — not just intellectually but whole-bodily — how different this Way it is at its core from other approaches. We tend to get confused by all kinds of teachings, processes, and disciplines we have learned or been exposed to.

For these reasons, this is a series of conversations on sex and tantra like none others available anywhere. The discussions often delve into the frustrating and challenging, "down and dirty" details of our ambivalence, experience, issues and aspirations around sex and intimate relationship. Yet they never stray from a basic perspective that views the whole matter — and everything else in our everyday lives — as fundamentally sane and even sacred expressions of our ever-emerging divine humanity. One course participant writes:

From exploration of our sexuality being the engine of creation's emergence, to trust in intimate relationship, to the art of communication with ‘other’ and the multi-dimensionality of gender — all of that as well as porn, masturbation, multiple intimate partners, the Goddess, the ‘shadow’ of relationship, and so on. I don't know where else you'll find a conversation that so seamlessly interweaves the creative process of Infinite Being with the challenging, nitty-gritty embodiment of human sexuality.

Gift yourself. Take Let's Talk Sex and the Tantra of Trust.

Don Jones, Albany, NY

Course format
The course consists of eight discussions between Saniel, Linda, and the original teleconference course participants. The live sessions were recorded and transcribed and the audio and text posted to the course website. These are now available to you as an evergreen Human Sun Institute audio course.

Some of the topics touched on in the course:
  • Why trust grounds love and any sexuality that does not prioritize trust is missing the mark, no matter how energetic and blissful lovers can get
  • Why profound conscious responsibility for one's sexuality can take the forms of a solitary or even a reclusive lifestyle, at any time in our lives
  • Meeting possible partners "from the inside out" and why boundaries are all the more necessary when your feeling of Being knows no bounds
  • Size, smell, taste, shape, weight, skin texture, fantasy ideals, and other unmentionables in conscious sexuality
  • Why it's so crucial for both men and women to uniquely embody both their "feminine" and "masculine" natures – and why those designations can be so misleading
  • Gender, same-sex relationships, and the challenges of interior and outward identity – our agreements and arrangements about who we are and are becoming
  • The Heart and the heart: the converging of spiritual, psycho-emotional, bio-scientific, and relational recognitions of the Mystery at the center of our conscious bodies
  • Erotica, porn, and the politics of arousal: getting clear about what's really obscene, and what is and isn't anybody else's business unless we choose to divulge it to them
  • Why lifelong commitment comes last in wise yet daring explorations toward enduring intimate union, and what we have to be willing to risk
  • Why "skilled" and "superlative" capacities are necessary for Heart-full transformational partnership, and what those words mean in ordinary, often humbling daily living
  • Multidimensional mysteries of sexuality and love in the realms of devotional awakening and communion, past and present
  • Transformations of our sexuality and intimacy as we age and undergo increasing spiritual refinement and identification with the totality of Life
  • How emerging divinely human identities – the Tantric, the Transcender, the Artist, the Discriminator, and more — and their combinations can show up in our lives and relationships in ways we can't readily greenlight.
Course materials
Saniel's 2003 book-in-progress The Tantra of Trust plus the new 6-session "Let's Talk Sex" interview series on the Conscious 2 internet video platform comprise the course materials. One remarkable part of the discussions is a continual updating and critique — by both Saniel and Linda Ma and the participants — of The Tantra of Trust, an ebook of which is provided on the course webpage. In addition, you'll need to purchase separately at least a one-month membership in Conscious 2 online, at $16, to view the "Let's Talk Sex" video interviews.

Prerequisites: None in particular. But it would be good for you to have at least a basic understanding of our Waking Down in Mutuality® teachings. We don't introduce them or explain their basic concepts here except in ways that naturally pertain to what's being discussed.

We are confident that this course will catalyze deep, positive shifts for everyone who participates. It's an opportunity to discover and embody the Heart of the greater Mystery of our living in an area of supreme mystery, delight, and challenge to nearly every human being, our sexuality.

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The Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar

with Saniel Bonder &
Linda Groves-Bonder

Since its debut in 2000, the Human Sun teachings have always been the primary structure underlying our own presentations of Waking Down in Mutuality. We have been planning for some time to develop an updated version of what used to be called “The Human Sun Experience” and earlier, “The Human Sun Seminar.” Finally, that updated version is here and we're thrilled to explore this transmission and these teachings with you in this format at last.

We've renamed this offering “The Waking Down in Mutuality seminar.” Like our first two recorded seminars, “The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart” and the “Great Relief Hero's Journey,” this seminar will have two components:
  1. Presentations, in this case by both Saniel and Linda, and
  2. Recorded Q&A sessions (Conversations) between Saniel, Linda and course participants of the original live seminar.
This 13-session multimedia course is unique and in many ways quite innovative among any courses ever offered on Waking Down in Mutuality. In previous virtual seminars, Saniel did the presentations and Linda Ma joined him for the conversations. This time, Linda Ma participates fully in the presentations and conversations both. Students get the full benefit of her essential, grounded, simple yet profound expression of this wisdom.

Saniel's contributions include materials from his extensive writings in books such as The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart and Sure Fire, to help bring out the fullest depth of the teachings and bring them right up to current time. Some of the topics covered include:
  • the Heart as the foundation of this work, and the nature and primacy of transmission,
  • why it's so important for our daily well-being to deeply comprehend this work as a breakthrough departure from 5,000+ years of hypermasculine dharma in both East and West,
  • what makes the core wound such a radical new discovery, and why it is so profoundly difficult, because of that, for even brilliant and deeply awakened people in other paths to comprehend what this Way is all about,
  • what the Second Birth is and what it isn't,
  • why consciousness in and of itself does not “contain” the totality of our access to the infinite dimensions of our nature,
  • the real meanings of the terminology of this path vs. what might be called the “street dharma” of popular misconceptions among practitioners,
  • the advent of much more sophisticated and bodily-based psychological understanding of our “broken zones” and shadow material and what this means for “Down” work today, both before and even long after awakening.
This is a self-paced course; participants may start and proceed on their own schedule. Presentations are available in video, audio, and text transcription formats. Conversations are available in audio and text transcription formats.

The Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar
13-session multimedia course with Saniel & Linda
Free preview session available here

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Our Shared Heart Awakens

an 8-session recorded audio/video course with Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

A message from Saniel & Linda

This groundbreaking 8-session online course, "Our Shared Heart Awakens," is subtitled, "Embodying Mutual Grace and Transmission, Integrity and Vulnerability, Recognition and Holding, Devotion and Contribution." Even at the time we recorded it with the original group of participants, in the fall of 2018, we both sensed that it was opening a whole new depth of the fundamental perspective or worldview of our work. That has proved to be the case, and we welcome you to take this course and find out more for yourself!

In the 20th century the great psychologist C. G. Jung wrote that what's really happening in our species over time is not that humanity is seeking God, but rather that God is seeking to become human. One dynamic spiritual adept, Saniel's teacher Adi Da—who preached "the enlightenment of the whole body"—put it another way: "God is crashing to earth."

Sure enough, in our time a tremendous movement toward embodiment is underway. The gurus who used to be exalted above all others are tumbling from their pedestals. Stable awakenings of many kinds are becoming increasingly common. Embodied Awakening is being democratized.

And we're having to discover how to find and live our divinity right in the thick of our own everyday, earthy humanity—and each other's. That's what this online course is all about.

Some of the benefits you can experience in this recorded course are:
  • Discover secrets to mutual embodiment of awakening and awakened Being that our shared HEART uniquely reveals
  • Learn how embodiment of boundless Being is a constant dance of individuation and communion, like a real-life tango
  • Uncover the power of "meeting and being met"—deeply seeing and honoring one another—to catapult each of us into our next emergent expression.
  • Revel in the blessings of mutual transmission—another word for grace—even with people at great distances across the planet
  • Understand why ecstatic communion with one another automatically brings up yet more shadow issues, personal and collective, to be worked through and integrated
  • Become more confident in hearing your inner voice and living and speaking your authentic truth, whatever the consequences
  • And become more skillful at "seeing the logic of the other's being" and holding them without invalidating yourself
  • Get more comfortable, able to be "present with strength" in
    • the Aloneness you can feel even in the midst of intimacy,
    • the vulnerable sensitivity and pressures you can't escape any more even if you try, and
    • the joy of the Heart that can't be broken even by extreme pain, rage or grief, but also doesn't immunize you from them.
Here are more of the themes we'll be working with:
  • Building a sacred culture of love-trust in the Heart-sanctuary of mutuality
  • What each of us is transmitting, and what are we contributing
  • Dynamic tensions and next-phase challenges between structure and spontaneity, lineage tradition and radical new emergence, equality in Being and distinctions in maturity and capacity
  • The divinely human charisma of the Heart-community
Each of the 8 course sessions has two parts:
  • a 45 minute or longer live video presentation by Saniel and Linda on Facebook, and
  • a 60-75 minute long audio/video interactive meeting on the Zoom platform with the participants who took the course when it was first recorded, October-December 20-18.
It's our hope and goal that Our Shared HEART Awakens will remain a part of the total With all our hearts, we welcome you to take this journey with us!

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White Hot Yoga 2014 logo.jpg

The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart Virtual Seminar

13-session course with Saniel Bonder assisted by Linda Groves-Bonder

Free preview audio mini-course available here

This 13-session multimedia course could be of great importance for you if you identify at all with any of these statements:
  • You feel a compelling Heart-connection with Saniel, Linda Ma, or both of them that you are moved to further explore, cultivate, clarify or deepen
  • There's something about the Heart and/or the White Heat that calls to you strongly and that your being impels you to realize much more fully
  • The very phrase "The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart" fills you with mystery and anticipation, so much that you know you have to find out much more
  • You recognize that there are dimensions of spiritual lineage and/or possibilities in community that are not currently being fulfilled in your life and process
  • Something perhaps unnameable, a greater intensity or different perspective, isn't coming into play in your current growth work – this could be so whether you've undergone the Second Birth awakening yet or not
  • The more you learn about what we will be exploring and entering into together in this seminar, the more you feel it could be crucial for you to be part of it
  • Your heart, soul, and even body hunger for something like a divine oblivion of liberating love – an utter immersion in the Heart of the Mystery that includes everything and everyone
Maybe even despite yourself, you sense this in-depth revelation and training in The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart is going to be special and you know you just can't miss it...

At The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart 3-day retreat in December 2014, Saniel and Linda Ma unveiled The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart's "12 Mysterious Gateways to Advanced Evolutionary Emergence." Saniel and Linda Ma have been offering teachings on this Yoga at advanced gatherings for several years. But this was something new. With the sharing of the original logo-mandalas and cohesive Key Points of 12 gateways at that retreat, The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart emerged into the world for the first time, really, as a unique, distinctive Dharma or Way.

One of the highlights of that 3-day retreat was Saniel's recitation of and elaboration on the 7 or 8 Key Points of each gateway. Together they are a vivid, highly condensed crystallization of his teaching and his and Linda Ma's whole work, especially their most advanced offerings, to date. Everyone agreed that it would take a great deal of further elaboration and conversation to flesh out these key points.

And that is the purpose of this White-Hot Yoga of the Heart multimedia course: to be the foundational, source-teaching course for everyone interested in learning about and possibly practicing The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart – which includes yet also reframes and builds upon the basic principles of Waking Down.

Even though Saniel released the book by that title way back in 1995, it's as if The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart as a transcendental and yet deeply humanizing Way has been lying dormant all these years. He and Linda Ma have been teaching and working toward its fuller revelation without really knowing that was what is happening. Others have recently been asking for and literally coaxing it out of them. And now this Yoga is clearly coming forth into the world in, as, and through many of us. If we feel called and undertake the work required, we can grow into stewarding its manifestation each in our own ways.

Format of the seminar

The first session offers a brief overview of the dozen "gateway" principles of this Yoga and then addresses the first gateway, "The Heart." Each subsequent session focuses on the next following gateway, though there will be a lot of organic fluidity and inclusiveness, as these principles flow into and naturally weave together in many ways. The final, 13th session is a wrap-up, review, and look forward into possible next steps for all those so moved.
  1. Three Foundations of the Way: The Heart, White Heat, Activation
  2. Three Treasures of the Life: Adept, Teaching, Community
  3. Three Pillars on the Path: Individuation, Communion, Appreciation
  4. Three Stages of the Journey: Persona, Person, Personification
Each session consists of a Presentation and a Conversation posted on the private course webpage:
  1. Presentations – 13 recorded discussions of the course material. About one hour long. In video, audio, and transcribed text formats
  2. Conversations – 13 recorded Q&A sessions with a live group of participants during the course creation in early 2015. About 75 minutes long. In audio and text formats

Free preview mini-course: "The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, Waking Down, and You"

Saniel has recorded a 75-minute mini-course that clarifies the relationship between The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart and Waking Down, and some of their distinctive differences. And it presents an overview of the seminar and its possible gifts and meanings for you, with a closing invitation from Linda Ma. We'd like you to have this recording and the other materials on the course webpage for free. To get the course, visit

There are no prerequisites; anyone who wishes to take this seminar may do so. However, a deep understanding of the Waking Down teachings and some experience of living that process, including mutuality practice with others and of working personally with a Waking Down teacher, would be to your great advantage.

Praise for The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart

“As incredibly profound as Awakening is, it is not the end of the spiritual road but rather the beginning. Yes, the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart greases the skids to awakening like nothing else I know, but it is also a Kiln of Conscious Love whereby we each and all embody our identity as the White-Hot Heart of Onlyness, including here and now, especially here and now, beyond here and now.

“As powerful as any of Saniel's writings are, it is by being in his personal company, with his wife and brilliant partner Linda, along with the presence of others who are awake and awakening, that you will most personally be able to see and feel and know if this White- Hot Yoga of the Heart might be something that touches your heart and calls you to further explore it – or not. Only you can kick the tires of this vehicle to see if my and others' claims about it are inflated, delusional, bogus – or maybe true – in your case.

“If you have any attraction or curiosity at all about what this renewed empowerment of the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart might mean for you, I earnestly encourage you to directly engage a retreat, or course or personal contact, with Saniel and Linda. This is not a rehash of anything prior. Though it includes and honors all that has come before, this is new Sacred Ground. Bring all that you are or care to be. Be received, and receive.

Don Jones
Albany, NY


We Are Christing 2.0 audio course

Jesus/Mary Magdalene, Our Global Living Lineage of Amazing Helpers, and Your Unique Emergence as a Son or Daughter of Goddess and God

an 11-session audio course with Saniel Bonder assisted by Linda Groves-Bonder

Using Cynthia Bourgeault's groundbreaking book, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, as a key text, this course is a Spirit-filled, Heart-transmission rich journey into the mysteries of "Christing" in our time: the democratization of embodied Spiritual Awakening and increasingly profound God- and Goddess-identification through mutual grace, blessing, and transformational practice.

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“What has Christing 2.0 meant for me?
  1. That I am part of bringing about the change in the world that Christ attempted to teach and facilitate.
  2. That Mary Magdalene as the embodied feminine is as important and significant in the teachings as Jesus Christ.
  3. That my shadow aspects and thus parts of myself that I have difficulty accepting are somehow vital in this process of transformation.
  4. That this is about unification of all seeming oppositions, and therefore providing me with another reminder that I am within the bounds of humanity despite the quarrels I have with myself.”
Carol Chaia Halpern, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty in Biology, Boston College

We Are Christing 2.0 audio course

Master Course with Saniel

4-session audio event teaching_rose.jpg
This Master Course is for students of Waking Down and of Saniel's teachings who have done their "due diligence," explored their doubts, and now feel they are fully "in" and deeply aligned with Waking Down and seriously hungry to get more of Saniel's advanced trainings. The four sessions were audiotaped in front of a live audience in Berkeley California in late 2013. In each session, Saniel explores a different aspect of the Waking Down process. Here is the course outline:

Session One: The Core
Saniel gives his teaching on the nature of The Core and The Periphery and how that relates to each individual's process. Some people have said that this particular teaching has helped them understand how Waking Down works better than anything else they've ever heard.

Session Two: The Conscious Wound
As Saniel has taught, the Core Wound doesn't get healed, it becomes conscious. And in the Second Life, each of us becomes conscious AS that Wound in our own unique way. This session explores the Wound/Wellness paradox of the awakened life, and why leaning into that Wound is to our greatest advantage.

Session Three: The White Heat
Saniel's Dharma on the White-Hot dimension and stages of this process is one of the most intriguing and least understood of his teachings. This session goes deep into what the White Heat is as an ever-evolving intensification of the fusion of Spirit and Matter in the Second Life, and how each of us can cultivate and invoke it if we so choose.

Session Four: The Next Whatever
This is getting into uncharted territory. We contemplate the eventual and inevitable Awakening of everyone and everything into the Next Whatever, and how each of our processes is serving to "cook" all Being into this Greater Possibility.

An important secondary theme running through the course is what comprises Saniel's unique presence and work of "serving by Being" as well as by doing, and what this can mean for us as we Awaken, and then grow in Awakened living and discovery and expression of our own unique divinely human gifts. Specific attention is given to how these gifts serve us and the world as Agents of Change.

Master Course with Saniel audio event


While Jesus Weeps

audio event and transmission
by Saniel

— a ritual honoring of every spiritual person's dark nights of the soul and a celebration of the divine and human roots of the Christian tradition

From Saniel:
I originally wrote this book, While Jesus Weeps: Conversations in the Garden of Gethsemane, as a play when I was 21. It imagines what the Apostles might have gone through together in that Garden. The Gospels only tell us that they fell asleep — twice, with Jesus coming down from his anguished prayers once to sternly awaken them, and then leaving again for more solitary prayer.

What if they were deeply shocked after recent events, including his telling them just before this at the Last Supper that they would all betray him? What if they couldn't sit still and pray, but instead had to talk? At that meal they all swore they would never fall away from him. Yet, later, when Judas brought the Romans to arrest him, every single one did. What could they have encountered in themselves and one another in the meantime, while he was off suffering his own doubts and even wishing he could avoid the fate he had foretold, of his crucifixion and more?

Recently, I felt called to do a reading on Good Friday as a ritual honoring of the Apostles' tests of faith that night, and every spiritual person's dark nights of the soul on the way to authentic resurrections of living Spirit. What resulted was an intense and challenging experience. Consider it a fire ceremony of a kind, where we all sit as priests before the heat of a sacred fire revealing and transmuting the undersides of all spiritual quests and practices, and especially honoring these formative moments of one of our world's great religious and spiritual traditions, Christianity.

“Listening to Saniel read his book While Jesus Weeps felt like a kind of sacred ceremony in itself, a sacred and symbolic reenactment: both a sign of respect, love and acknowledgement of Jesus and the Disciples for who they were and their impact on our lives, and also an acknowledgement of our place as contemporary participants in and holders of the Divine Flame.

“The energy transmission of that night was at once palpable, mysterious and poignant, with all of us feeling drawn in a new and profound way into the unique Spiritual Experience that is Good Friday. I can truly say that I will not forget the feeling of that night.

“It's wonderful that with this audio now others can share that experience. As you listen, and enter into the experience, know that you are joining our intimate circle as we touched something beautiful together. We warmly welcome you, with open hearts.”
Steve Burch
Antioch, CA

While Jesus Weeps audio event and transmission
Prerequisites: None. Open to everybody
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Cultivating Confidence in Embodied Consciousness

audio course with Saniel Bonder
  • Do you feel a need for a stronger, even unshakable anchor amid the increasing uncertainty and insecurity of 21st century living?
  • Do you experience the tide of relatively lifeless information you're exposed to as junk food to the soul as well as the mind?
  • Do you find the speed, urgency, and force of irresistible change pervading just about every part of your life, and sometimes overwhelming you?
A lot of people who'd answer "yes" to one or more of these questions are, as a result of all this, feeling more pressed than ever before to uncover and take refuge in Whatever exists which, once truly known, cannot be lost or forgotten.

Some have already been blessed to discover an unshakable feeling of non-separation from that greater Mystery that is everything and everyone. Yet they can't completely "own" it. They don't yet know with unshakable confidence that they are also actually being that Mystery, with a fully conscious sense of identification.

In response to these deep needs, Saniel led an evening-and-a-day workshop on "Cultivating Confidence in Consciousness" in San Diego at the beginning of March, 2013. He was assisted by local Waking Down Interning Teacher Geri Portnoy and by Greg Aurand, founder and CEO of CLAIM (Communities Living And Inspiring Mutuality). It was limited to a dozen participants all of whom were committed Waking Down practitioners, even if relatively new to the work.

Though he hadn't planned on it, the teaching that Saniel offered at this event elaborates on the principles of "the Core and the Periphery" that he's been voicing over the last several years. And it does this principally through his responses during the brief "Heart-Seat" share times of each of the individual participants. Their very personal and unique conversations with Saniel may touch your heart and inspire your own deeper work in ways no one can know in advance.

“My wife and I flew all the way from Hawaii to San Diego to attend Saniel's Cultivating Confidence in Embodied Consciousness workshop. It was our first Waking Down event. We were not disappointed.

“After the course I started having some awareness of Being: on the bus riding to the airport and in the plane. This continued at home, fading in and out, but recently mostly in. Speaking with Waking Down teachers several times since the course has helped confirm the experience.

“It is a good beginning: subtle, but real. I am completely satisfied with my inner progress and looking forward to more.”
John Hoover
Volcano, HI

Cultivating Confidence in Embodied Consciousness
Prerequisites: none. Open to everybody
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The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart for Awakening & Awakened Agents of Change multimedia course

a 3-day course with Saniel Bonder – available in video or audio

Our major 3-day event from 2012 – the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart for Awakening & Awakened Agents of Change – is now available as a home-study course. Many times over the years practitioners have asked us how they can best realize the intense Spirit-Matter unity we call 'the White Heat.' We've explored different possible answers, never satisfied. Finally we arrived at the one that became the premise of this event. It's simple but startling – in some ways, even to us. And it's something we had never before put to the test in action with committed Waking Down in Mutuality practitioners, like we did at this event. That premise is:

The most direct, rapid, and sure way to realize White-Hot fusion of Spirit and Matter is to wholeheartedly practice Waking Down with a steady focus on discovering and expressing your unique gifts, and to do this in concrete ways in association with others. Focusing on your life-purpose in this outward-looking, collaborative way quickens and streamlines your process, whether before or after your Second Birth. And it serves a most profound consummation of the sacred marriage of Spirit and Matter, consciousness and phenomena, the great union of your ultimate passion and the whole world in which you appear: the White Heat.

This approach takes a different orientation from focusing on relatively subjective conditions or skills – such as attaining the Second Birth, integrating your shadow and broken zones, or even discovering and refining mutuality skills. Of course those developments are extremely important. But they serve a larger purpose: your capacity to be an "Awakening or Awakened Agent of Change."

Part of the secret of making that practice fruitful is to concretely situate your expression of your gifts in the real human world of exterior systems, institutions, and collective interchanges. The transmission and trainings you'll get from these audio or audio/video recordings can help you get that process going in ways you may not have been able to before.

The Life of the Party
This event was a celebration. In some ways, and for some participants, the presentations and formal structure were secondary to the deep, vibrant celebration of our emerging "change agency" as Awakening or Awakened human beings. It was an intensely juicy several days, full of challenges as well as delight for most everyone who attended. Some were startled by the immediacy of the love and joy we were sharing.

Situated at a retreat center on the mountain that is a sacred touchstone for Saniel's founding of this Waking Down work, many of us felt the Heart of Spirit and Matter being profoundly unified in, as, and through us at a deeper level. And that's the sacred context and essence of what we hope you'll encounter as you watch or listen to these recordings.

The Structure and Content of the Course
The course is based around three themes: Embody, Commit, and Trust, one theme per day. Each day includes presentations by Saniel and Linda speaking to the theme of the day, and one by a special guest presenter. Guest presenter John Records is executive director of COTS, a renowned homeless charity. David Lesser is our executive confidant and a Waking Down in Mutuality "graduate." Jennifer Mayol is a Waking Down senior teacher and fine artist. Presentations include:
  • Who Are We, Each and All – and, What Are We Doing Here?
  • Where The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart for Awakening & Awakened Agents of Change Fits in Human Sun Institute and Waking Down in Mutuality — and What It Can Mean for You
  • Your Unique Character and Temperament, The Difference(s) You Are Here to Make – and, How Will You Do It?
  • The Great Work of Our Awakening Lives (John Records)
  • "Multidimensional Money™" and Our Unique Mutual Will to Change the World
  • Active Conscious Dreaming™, Using Conscious Skillful Will, Visualization, and Drawing for Manifesting Your Heart's True Calling
  • Taking Your Place in the World (David Lesser)
  • The Ages of Commitment for White-Hot Change Agents
  • Strange Grace and the Dark Boon Lady (Jennifer Mayol)
This course will be truly useful to you only if you:
  • understand the fundamental principles and practices of Waking Down very well – so that you need no instruction in the basics of the process
  • have attended at least one group Waking Down in Mutuality multiple-day event led by one or more Waking Down teachers
  • know you are "here to make a difference," to become or continue to be an agent of change and transformation in the world, whether in visible, outward ways or more simply just through your own presence and transmission.
Purchase Information
The complete recordings of the 3-day White-Hot Yoga of the Heart for Awakening & Awakened Agents of Change event are available through our webstore in two formats: streaming video (19 on-line videos) or downloadable audio (6 on-line audios). You can also buy both courses bundled together.

The White-Hot Yoga Heart-Team

After the live White-Hot Yoga of the Heart for Awakening & Awakened Agents of Change 3-day event, a dozen of the attendees went on to become pioneering members of the year-long White-Hot Yoga Heart-Team, a Mastermind-style group that began in early 2013 and has continued yearly ever since, with changes in membership here and there. It has been and continues to be one of the most amazing journeys in our Way that any of us – Saniel and Linda included – have ever taken.

If you wish to apply to be part of this intensive program featuring Saniel's and Linda's personal guidance and leadership, along with an extraordinary tribe of fellow White-Hot Heart-yogis and yoginis, you must have either personally attended the original 2012 event, or else have listened to or watched all the modules in this recorded course. (Reading the course transcripts is optional.)

For more information about the annual White-Hot Yoga Heart-Team or to apply, write to
The Bigger Picture: "All Hands On Deck!"
As you may gather from some of the comments by participants, for many of us – ourselves certainly included – this three-day exploration was both unprecedented and life-changing. It may well prove to be an unprecedented and life-changing experience for you as well. We warmly welcome you to dive in to this material and allow the uncommon energy of the whole event stir you up and move you forward.

Key Questions & Core Distinctions

8-session audio course with Saniel Bonder

focusing on participants' key questions and the core differences between Waking Down in Mutuality and other life-paths

Each session of this online "teleseminary retreat" has two parts:
  • questions to Saniel put forward by live course participants, the answers to which they felt would further their development (some of these questions may be yours, too!),
  • a discussion by Saniel of one of the core distinctions between our whole approach and other life-paths, in terms of worldview and practice.
These are core distinctions Saniel addresses in the 8 sessions:
  1. Non-separateness vs. non-duality in Second Birth awakening
  2. Ego, Being, & the spectrum of identity: is there a "True Self"?
  3. Past shadow and future shadow in radical organismic shadow work
  4. Activism and service: do these have a place in our Way?
  5. The tantric tension between autonomy and mutuality
  6. When "down" ceases to be your real "direction"
  7. The next challenges facing the Waking Down in Mutuality culture
  8. What differences the Heat does – and doesn't – make
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Free introductory seminar: "The Heart of the Matter"
Listen or download here

A Treasure Map of Your Awakened Life audio course

Exploring the organismic stages and developments possible in our kind of Awakened life

9 audio sessions plus introductory and bonus materials. Presented via the internet

For several years Saniel has been presenting, in bits and pieces, a tentative map of the post-Awakened life in our ROSE way of being and becoming. During the Masters of the Heart telecourse, it became clear to him that it was now time to bring forth a more complete, comprehensive communication of these possibilities for practitioners of Waking Down.

We call it a "treasure map" because, for one thing, we're all still early in the first generation of people who are discovering such a process and living it out. We're still within the first two decades of what could prove over time to be a radically distinctive transformational tradition, for individuals, communities, whole cultures.

But at a deeper level, a treasure map is a very good metaphor for the nature of this "radical, organismic, sentient and emergent" unfolding. It can't be definitively mapped the way a Google map can lay out a whole neighborhood, region, or planet. These kinds of transformations and development are inherently emergent, which makes them mostly unpredictable. Anyone else's description of it is at best like a pirate's hastily scrawled sketch of barely explored territory. In many particulars it's completely unknowable in advance of your own arrival.

The 9 Course Sessions
  1. The Heart, the Amrita Nadi, and the Four Bio-Spiritually Natural Stages of the Second (Awakened) Life
  2. Stage One: The Awakened "Study of Being" (Divinely Human Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence, No Matter What Your Chronological Age)
  3. Stage Two: The Awakened Householder's Life-Embracing Yoga (Divinely Human Early to Mid Adulthood)
  4. Stage Three: Transition to Sublimity (Divinely Human Maturity)
  5. Stage Four: Ecstatic Eldership (Divinely Human Blessing-Rest for the Wise and Ancient)
  6. Fifty Years Out: Our Awakened Culture in 2061 – An Interactive Visioning, and Recommendations for Further Study
  7. Interactive Course Integration #1
  8. Interactive Course Integration #2
  9. Interactive Course Integration #3
Course Topics
Here are a few of the themes, topics, and parameters Saniel explores:
  • Our bio-spiritually natural anticipation of the four likely life-stages of post-Awakened development
  • How these stages may replicate, in our Awakened living, paths and practices that traditionally have been embraced as ways to get to Awakening or liberation
  • The two primary perils of divinely human post-realization: premature transcendence and immature immanence
  • The three developmental post-conventional "stages of faith" or "ages of trust" and how they might likely unfold for most Awakened practitioners
  • Why the very skills and specializations that have made Waking Down possible can potentially become limitations to our further growth and transformation
  • Awakened devotion, yoga, shamanism, mysticism, and more: How do these come into play in our style of post-awakened living?
  • What all this can mean for you: How to find and cultivate your own, completely unique post-awakening evolutionary paradigm

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Free introductory seminar
"Six Things about Awakened Living in Mutuality
You Might Never Have Imagined, and May Really Need to Know"

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Masters of the Heart audio course

The Lives, Work, and Times of Ramana Maharshi and Adi Da Samraj

8 audio sessions plus introductory and bonus materials. Presented via the internet

During the nearly two decades he's been teaching, Saniel has often acknowledged and spoken of these Heart-Masters. But until now, he's never been inclined to share many of his personal experiences, especially with Adi Da, with whom he studied for 19 years. At last the time has come for him to tell his stories and to offer a unique perspective on these remarkable adepts, based on the pioneering attributes of his own work.

More information
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Souls Flashing Forward Into Joy audio course

On Humanity's Adept-Disciple Traditions, And Radical Communion & Reciprocal Autonomy in the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart

7-session audio course with Saniel Bonder – plus bonus materials. Presented via the internet

In this course, we delve into one of life's most amazing mysteries: the intensity of numinous communion with the Infinite, especially as it has revealed itself and continues to in the connections between adept teachers and their students or disciples, and the many ways this kind of powerful, mutual revelation has shown itself over time and continues to today.

We look at some classic stories of the teacher-student relationship in our Global Living Lineage – and how these mysterious relationships have rippled out into the lives of many others, in their own time and afterward:
  • Rumi's molten communion with Shams of Tabriz and its tumultuous impact on his family and his own disciples, and of course on his own realization and his amazing poetry,
  • the appearance of the "Baal Shem Tov" at a time when Jewry in eastern Europe was in grave crisis, and the dozens of blazing mystic rabbis who arose from among his disciples and helped revitalize the core of Jewish culture in the form of Hasidism,
  • the heartrending story of the legendary Marpa of Tibet, whose worst error in relation to his master Naropa and the lineage of their predecessors had an immense impact on the further unfolding of their Kagyu lineage.
  • Each session begins with such a compelling true tale of those who've come before us. The stories of our predecessors give us perspective to discern the unique forms of our democratic miracle of revelation in this Way and, more generally, in Waking Down.
With this perspective we approach the major focus of the course: what's possible here in our own White-Hot Yoga of the Heart work. We look into the total process in our own life – its core and periphery, its ups and its downs, and its unique activation of life as a self + other field. In that field, all communion sources from our own radical ground of Being, and our growing autonomy there reciprocally strengthens others' stance in the Self as well.

As one participant recently wrote, this mystery is "beyond devotion" to any external source or person, certainly as many of us have known such devotion before.

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The She-Mystery & You audio course

Cultivating a Juicy, Transformational Partnership with the Divine Feminine

8-session audio course audio with Saniel Bonder plus introduction and bonus materials. Presented via the internet

Are you ready for a whole new kind of adventure in your relationship to – and simultaneous embodiment of – the Divine?

Linda and Saniel live this relationship with Her in their own distinct ways. If you don't already, you can too. As they know Her, She won't accept anything less than your own utterly unique recognitions and moves in a Dance of utterly equal-in-Being partnership with Her. Yes, you can grow into the challenges, joys, and paradoxes of peer divinity with the Great She. But She is hungry for your ultimate flowering into nothing less.

That's right: this is about your incarnation of God-Goddess mysteries and your totally singular activation of all your gifts and contributions in response to Her gifts to You. Guess Who needs You fully here and contributing at least as much as you do?

In this course we take a lively, experiential, and interactive deep dive into the very Heart of our existence. We go freely, fiercely, sometimes pretty wildly into what our relationship with the Great She can become when we're available to encounter all experience as a Divine event – and to meet that She-Mystery as any number of Others great and small, as well as in the core of our own Self.

Course structure

The odd-numbered sessions introduce the 8 Key Steps for Your Unique Dance with the She-Mystery, discussing two or more steps per session. The even-numbered sessions expand upon the previous session's material. Each session includes questions, comments, and personal sharing from the live course participants. The final two sessions each include a special presentation from another Waking Down teacher, one of whom was a live course participant.

“I have taken numerous courses offered by Saniel and Linda, which have each been incredibly valuable to my process of unfoldment as an embodied human being. The She-Mystery & You course came at the perfect time in my life and took my understanding and heart-fully embodied experience to new depths. The 8 course topics resonated initially with my intellect, however, as the course proceeded it engaged and awakened in my heart a conscious new tender strength that I have never experienced until now. The She-Mystery started calling from both within and without. Her qualities (both human and divine) have begun to awaken more and be appreciated more consciously within me.

“I know that this course marks a key turning point in my life and will support me in my role as a mother of four, in my relationship with my partner, and in my work with school children and young offenders. My heart is "breaking open" with compassion, love, and an all-embracing tenderness for myself and others. As a result of taking the course, I feel as if some of the key puzzle pieces hanging out there in my life are finally coming together to make a whole picture–ME–a reflector, appreciator, marvellor, and lover of the Great She-Mystery that exists within us all.

Lynn Taylor “The knowledge from Saniel and Linda, and that shared by every-one on this course, was profoundly moving and enriching. Whether I was on the live calls or listening to recordings of sessions I missed, I noticed the same impact from the powerful and profound transmissions that moved me every time. Thank you from all of my heart to all the participants, and especially to Saniel and Linda for offering this beautiful course!”
Lynn Taylor
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Course materials
  • The She-Mystery & Me, an intimate talk by Saniel on his relationship with the Great She in unexpected forms, including Mary Magdalene; the living presence behind the title of his new novel Ultimaya 1.0; and a 19th century American "Miss Liberty" dime,
  • An Introduction to the She-Mystery & You Telecourse in which Saniel and Linda introduce the 8 Key Steps for Your Unique Dance with the She-Mystery, and Linda shares a few of the stories of her own relationship with and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, especially in the form of Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion
  • The She-Mystery & You 8 recorded course sessions,
  • An e-booklet of Saniel's poems, Under Her Feet: Tantric Love-Poems of a Mater-Realistic, De-Lighted Fool,
  • The recording of a live reading of these poems by Saniel and his commentaries and conversations with a small group of live listeners.
All these materials are included in the course.
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The Human Sun Experience & the Integral View audio course
a 6-session, 11-hour audio course with Saniel

Downloadable audio recordings

This is an exciting, provocative course, memorable... maybe groundbreaking! The Human Sun Experience is a 6-month, multimedia online-based immersion in Saniel and Linda's essential transmission and teachings on his revolutionary approach to embodied awakening, "Waking Down." In The Human Sun Experience & the Integral View, we look at each of the 12 Human Sun Experience "gateways" through lenses offered by the Integral vision as extensively developed by Ken Wilber... and then turn around and look at the Integral vision from the post-hypermasculine perspectives suggested by that particular Human Sun gateway.

We're not aware of any other well-developed, distinct teaching or Dharma (sustaining life-way) that has undertaken such an in-depth exploration of potential mutual contributions between the Integral vision and itself, in a way that invites participants to co-creatively help integrate the two "maps." We welcome you to be part of it and learn along with us!

"For those looking to awaken in a thoroughly Integral manner, the Waking Down in Mutuality process, including Saniel and Linda's Human Sun Experience, is exemplary. My experience so far, after only a few months (and after many years and many modalities of, in effect, integral practice), is that witnessing consciousness has gone from 'behind' to 'in front' and is now 'coming forward,' merging with all form, and doing so in a manner that is more profoundly tantric – a marriage of She and He – than I could have ever imagined. There has also been unearthing and healing of shadow at a depth I never imagined (despite all the prior work), unfolding as it is at a breakneck pace – all in all, an Integral Realization of my Unique Self.

“What is especially important is that awakening is in the end a results game. The Waking Down work, increasingly refined in its presentation over the years, and now coming into direct and open conversation with Integral Theory, has had statistically over the top success for the better part of two decades – with the 'second birth' happening for most participants rather quickly. Why then not dare to Integrally Awaken and take the leap onto this time-tested Wake Down Express!

michael_schwartz.jpg “It's been my profound pleasure to participate in several workshops, telecourses, and online audio programs with Saniel and Linda – including an exploration of their work in relation to Integral theory and practice and the Human Sun Experience – and I can't recommend them strongly enough.

“I'll be taking The Human Sun Experience & the Integral View, and I welcome you to join me.”

Michael Schwarz,
Aesthetics Editor, Integral Life
Professor, Augusta State University, Georgia

Prerequisites: Open only to those who have taken or are presently enrolled in The Human Sun Experience course.

Get an outline of the course's key points here.

To register, click here, then select "The Human Sun Experience & the Integral View" from the drop-down menu.

Full-Length Guided Meditations for Heartgazing

"Heartgazing Transmission of the Heart" extended meditations

Downloadable audio recordings

From early on in his work, Saniel implemented the ancient technique of communicating spiritual energy and consciousness by glance or gaze. This has become a tradition among all the Waking Down teachers. And it's at the core of our Heartgazing offerings.

If you've taken the Transmission of the Heart course with Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder, you've already been introduced to their meditations to access the living essence through HeartGazing. Now Saniel and Linda are offering four extended HeartGazing meditations to bring your whole Heart alive and awake in your own unique way, at your own pace.

Click on a link to purchase:
  1. Receiving Heart-Transmission Through Gazing Meditation
  2. The Six-Step Recognition Yoga
  3. Active Conscious Dreaming
  4. The Falcon's Glance Meditation for Awakening Consciousness
Or purchase the complete set of four Guided Meditations at a special price.

“Heartgazing with Linda and Saniel, and participating in the force-field of their spiritual blessing, has opened up new experiences in my heart and my entire essence – the sense of my expanded consciousness and presence. I am experiencing life and its events more fully in my entire being and feel more grounded, open and aware. My personal spiritual journey has increased in its breadth, depth and velocity since I began this process with them.
Barbara Musser, D. Div.
founder of Evolutionary Healing
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Great Relief Hero's Journey

a 10-session multimedia course with Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

one of the four source-teaching courses in the Human Sun Institute Core Curriculum

This thoroughly updated and expanded rendition of an earlier course of the same title is the course we point people to who want to learn how recognize the difference between primal stresses we can't avoid and reactions to them that we can. That deeper, whole-being insight into what makes us tick as human beings confers ever-increasing peace of mind, body, and soul – truly, great relief.

No matter where we are in life's journey or the various stages of possible spiritual advancement, it's crucial to be able to sort out the differences between forms of distress that are natural parts of living and those that we are adding to the mix unnecessarily. If we haven't developed that skill, we wind up confusing and blaming ourselves for things that are not wrong or faulty. And we heap a whole lot more pain onto the plates of our daily living than we even can digest and metabolize.

Saniel's 2006 book, Great Relief: Nine Sacred Secrets Your Body Wants You to Know provides learning perspectives and tools for this kind of skillful discernment for many people. Many have also gotten a lot of help from our 2008 online audio course, "The Great Relief Hero's Journey." But even those who took the previous course will find that this Great Relief Hero's Journey is essentially a new investigation. It weaves in crucial pieces of Saniel and Linda's more recent teachings and those of thought leaders who are on the cutting edge of related kinds of work.

What's new in this course
  • The Human Sun Institute framework of understanding "the Core and the Periphery" and how this profoundly reorients the teaching on the core wound in Great Relief,
  • Why Great Relief is the primary text in Down to Earth Spirituality™, our "Intensive Life-Enhancing" quadrant of the Human Sun Institute Core Curriculum – which is devoted precisely to helping you "stop adding unnecessary suffering" and "find more freedom in your living,"
  • Neuroscientific and other kinds of recent biological and neurological discoveries that validate and enhance these teachings,
  • Remarkably supportive supplementary material from leading developmental experts on adult self-development Robert Kegan and Rob Macnamara, on the capacities of the "dialectical mind" and "self-transforming mind,"
  • A number of ways these deceptively simply worded teachings on the core wound, or core wound/core wellness paradox, may go beyond many of humanity's most profound yet still hypermasculine expressions of wisdom and practice – ranging from Buddhism's "Four Noble Truths" to Ernst Becker's celebrated 1973 treatise, The Denial of Death.
Course Materials
  • nine approximately 1-hour recorded presentations by Saniel on the Nine Secrets of Great Relief, plus a tenth summation session. These presentations are available in video, audio and transcribed text on the course webpage,
  • ten 75-minute Q & A conversations between Saniel, Linda and live course participants recorded in late 2015. These conversations are available in audio and transcribed text,
  • a free ebook of Great Relief.
This is a self-paced course; participants may start and proceed at their convenience.
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“I just wanted to say what a great relief it is... I can't tell you what a gift [this course] has been as I go further on into awakened life and fall more deeply into the ‘down’ and encounter the core wound through my issues... All I’ve written down in my notes so far is, ‘the fundamental dignity of necessary suffering.’ That's really been profound to me... Thank you for just that one sentence – it has been so powerful for me. ”

Subhaga Bacon
Philadelphia, PA

The Human Sun Experience audio course

An Initiation into Healing Your Spirit/Matter Split Through Waking Down, as Transmitted and Taught by Saniel & Linda

For anyone who yearns for a structured yet immensely enlivening way to either begin or deepen your practice of Waking Down, this course is the first-ever way you can do that from anywhere on Earth — as long as you have access to the Internet!

This 6-month self-paced course offers an extended, intensive curriculum of audio recordings and assigned readings by Saniel and Linda. These teachings provide both visual and conceptual frameworks for understanding the unique features of the Waking Down process of divinely human awakening, healing, and evolution. Participants may start and pace their course at their convenience.

The course materials include fourteen audio recordings by Saniel and Linda: the first audio introduces the whole course, the last summarizes it and offers perspectives for the future of your journey afterward, and each of the twelve others presents a key point of one of the 12 Human Sun "Gateways into Awakened Freedom, Wholeness, and Love." The accompanying visual mandalas, together with those key points, fully describe the foundation principles and processes of Waking Down.

The texts include a key-points manual and 4 volumes of selected readings from Saniel's books and manuscripts for your optional study, as well as downloadable audio and video documents, including a "gazing" video of Saniel and Linda. This study is combined with an in-depth presentation of teachings from Saniel's book Healing the Spirit/Matter Split (2006) and a more recent follow-up series of interviews with Saniel and Linda on Waking Down conducted by awakened Waking Down practitioner and Integral Studies master's candidate Lola McCrary.

Rod Taylor “The Human Sun Experience provides a magnificent framework, profound, groundbreaking knowledge, and powerful guidance toward direct experience of whole-bodied awakening in these modern times. You personally meet Saniel and Linda through their friendly, open, self-giving style of conversing in the audio recordings. Members of a study group I facilitated while taking this course were surprised by the warm loving transmission that exuded through the recordings and their down-to-earth explanations. Also, the carefully organized consolidations of Saniel's transmission-rich writings are priceless.”

Rod Taylor
Waking Down in Mutuality Interning Teacher,
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

The Human Sun Experience opens an important depth and breadth of exploration of Waking Down – as both study and practice – for many who have never had access to such an investigation before. It's also highly recommended for long-term practitioners, including Second Birth realizers, who want to take their understanding and capacity for discriminative discernment under the challenges of awakened living to much more profound levels.

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